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We love new workout gear – it just makes you WANT to exercise more, right? Although activewear is pretty much our 24/7 uniform these days, especially in these #WFH times. So we were keen to try the slick new UA RUSH™ range by Under Armour, which promises to be the “fabric version of an infrared sauna, recycling the body’s energy during performance.” We love an infrared sauna, but we already tend to be overly-sweaty during workouts – would this end badly?

What’s special about it?
The science behind it is that the innovative mineral-infused fabric uses the energy/heat you give off while working out and reflects it back into your muscles. This supposedly increases blood flow and helps you work out harder for longer. Hence, the aforementioned infrared sauna effect.

How it felt:
High-tech compression gear often feels like you’re being suffocated by triple-Spanx – this doesn’t feel like that that all. Easy to slip on, you feel pleasantly supported, not squished like a sausage gasping for breath. The leggings (Women’s UA RUSH™ Run Stamina Tights) have a flatteringly high waist, just enough give to be comfy, and an inner adjustable drawstring to customise fit. The sports bra (Women’s UA RUSH™ Mid Jacquard Sports Bra) is superbly constructed with inner padding, breathable fabric, wide adjustable length straps and a bra-like triple hook & eye closure on the back for a perfect fit. As soon as we put it all on, we instantly forgot we were wearing anything – the test of any great outfit.



The pieces we tested from the range

How it performed:
Energised already by how cute we looked in our new gear, we launched into a day of exercise. First a 30-minute fast-paced power-walk to do errands. We worked up a light sweat, but never felt hot, damp or sticky (thank you sweat-wicking fabric!). Outfit was super-comfy – we loved the high waistband as it never dug into our tummy or annoyingly rolled down. Power-walked home to jump straight into a 1-hour workout sesh – a bunch of strength moves, shadow boxing, and pilates with hand and ankle weights, followed by stretch and cool down. We were definitely sweaty, but not more so than usual. But the clothing itself always felt dry. No chafing, rubbing or overheating.

The verdict:
It definitely felt like we worked out harder than usual, and pushed for those few extra reps. Whether that was the magic fabric itself warming our muscles to keep going or just the buzz of sexy new workout gear it’s hard to say. But we felt great afterwards, like we’d really put in the work. Plus, the outfit was comfortable and held up well. Usually after a sweaty workout we can’t wait to peel off our gear and jump in the shower. After our cool-down though, we didn’t need to change and could continue with our day. If you like to fit in a solid workout during a busy day and live in your activewear (which is all of us these days), then the Under Armour UA RUSH™ range ticks all the right boxes.

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