Tips for buying activewear urbansweat

If you love yourself a bit of new activewear (tummy sucking leggings, anyone?), you’re not alone. In fact, Australians spend a whopping $1400 a year on fitness clothing, and it’s a trend that’s set to continue. And while you can buy a cheap T-shirt to do your favourite workout in, chances are it won’t last or worse, it’ll start to smell even after you wash it. So to get the lowdown on how to choose activewear that’s durable and stylish, we spoke to The Iconic’s Head of Style, Nicole Adolphe. Not only is she a former magazine editor and a successful fashion stylist, but she also knows just about every trend and brand that exists.

Nicole, what should we be considering when we buy clothes to work out in?

“There are a few things to note when buying activewear. Firstly, how breathable the material is when you sweat and how it might look. For instance, cotton shorts or pants in a pale colour don’t look great with crotch sweat! Depending on the intensity of the workout, I often opt for a lighter material with darker tones.

Secondly, for women, the cut of the top – whether a singlet or crop – and how sturdy the straps are, particularly if working on cardio like running or dancing to ensure it sits comfortably. Finally, whether the workout pants are high waisted or low waisted. I prefer high waisted for training, so everything is held and fitted, especially for squatting or moving.”

What activewear brands do you like to wear?

“The activewear brands I’m wearing at the moment include PE-Nation, Nike, Aim’n, Adidas Performance and Lorna Jane. For me, it’s all about matching sets. I would almost always buy the matching set when it comes to a crop and tights, or crop and bike pants. I also like the matching sweat top or tee to wear to training.”

Which brand do you think is creating beautiful sustainable products?

“When it comes to sustainability, Aim’n and Adidas Performance are top of mind. They use a technique that’s called ‘recycled polyester performance fabrication’ and they’re super comfortable to wear. PE-Nation is also a favourite. I love the detailing, prints and colours and they use recycled polyester for their pieces.”

What shoe brands are releasing exciting trainers right now?

“Nike has released some really exciting trainers and I think they have the best colour combos and statement training looks. Adidas has the ultimate monochromatic shoe that goes with all your fitness and fashion looks.

For a performance running shoe, I’d go for Asics – they are bringing out some great colourways. As for a lifestyle shoe my pick would be New Balance classics. Suits and sneakers are an iconic duo I love, so it works a charm!”


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