With over a million followers on Instagram, a popular parenting website and best-selling book, plus a successful acting career, you’d think Teresa Palmer might be busy enough. Yet, two years ago together with health guru Chrissy Duigan, she launched Lovewell, a range of vegan and gluten-free proteins aimed at mums and their kids.

Mother-of-three Teresa Palmer sat down with URBANSWEAT editor Lucy E Cousins and opened up about her new brand, the juggle being a mother and her plans for the future.

What is the idea behind Lovewell and why did you want to start it?

“As busy, time-poor mums ourselves, we discussed the impact that burning the candle at both ends has had on our physical and mental wellbeing. We realised that as mums, we are so busy looking after our families that we often neglect looking after ourselves. Lovewell was born out of an idea to “mother the mother” and have wellness accessible and realistically achievable for busy families. And, on top of that, a delicious and easy way to to get goodness into fussy kids!”

How has being a mother informed the process of running your own business?

“I think being a mother helps you multitask, prioritise and be efficient. All three are huge factors in running a business!”

What has been the most challenging part of launching Lovewell?

“One of the most challenging parts was in the initial start up red tape and ensuring the formulations were re-worked until we were 100% happy knowing they were natural and ticked all our boxes of requirements (eg gluten free, vegan, as many from organic ingredients as possible).”

Business partner Chrissy Duigan (left) and Teresa Palmer. Photo: Supplied.

What has been the most surprising?

“I think the most surprising thing for me has been how quickly the product has grown a life of its own without us doing a full force-marketing launch. With me working 65hrs a week filming the second season of my TV show, ‘A Discovery of Witches’, I’m almost completely out of action. We planned accordingly and always looked at the first year as more of a “soft launch”. But low and behold the word of mouth spread like wild fire and we sold out in our first run. We’ve had many returning customers which we know means we are onto a good thing and whilst it’s very exciting it also feels demanding at times, swimming upstream but so far we are loving all the peaks and valleys.”

What are you most proud of?

“I am most proud of everything we have achieved thus far, our little dream turned reality! Watching the beautiful community we have built grow every day has been so incredibly rewarding. Our idea and passion is spreading into households worldwide and aiding busy families through wellness. Hearing the positive feedback has been so encouraging, it feels good to know that the love, intention and integrity we have poured into Lovewell is having such an impact.”

What is your advice to women who would like to open a small business in the wellness industry?

“Without sounding cliché, I’d say to follow your heart and do something you’re passionate about. When you lead with the things that feel intrinsically like you, the subjects in life that move you and inspire you to explore them fully, then everything unfolds organically. There is no better recipe for success.”

What are your hopes for the future of Lovewell?

“To keep making nutrition and wellness easy and accessible to all families. We also aspire to continue to create new products and ranges to mirror our ethos.”