Where to eat in Sydney

Born in Gerroa on the south coast, and a frequent world traveller, pro surfer Sally Fitzgibbons still calls Sydney her second home (naww). She’s been a staple on the world tour since she was 14, and has won over 10 ASP World Tour titles, which is no mean feat. We caught up with the fitness legend to find out her favourite healthy hotspots in this great city of ours! Here’s what she said:

Sally Fitzgibbons

Firstly, Sally, why do you call Sydney your second home?
“Sydney has always felt like my home away from home! So many of my projects involve Sydney, my new business and foundation are both based on the Northern Beaches. Being a surfer, I naturally love the beach lifestyle and the amazing variety of options around Sydney, it’s one of those cities that makes it incredibly easy to lead an active lifestyle.”Best cafes in Sydney

What’s your favourite healthy brunch spot?
“My mum’s kitchen! I really love cooking at home, there’s so much pleasure that comes from prepping your food, knowing what goes into it and picking the healthiest, freshest ingredients yourself. I love to make my own granola and, when I have time, head to the farmer’s market for some seasonal fruit and veg. With me away on tour so often, it also gives mum and I time to catch up and do something we really enjoy together. Dolce Terra in Manly (above) is also a favourite, Dave’s fresh salads and juices are incredible!”

What’s your weekend bush/coastal walk?
“We have some incredible bush walks near Gerroa. In Sydney, the Manly to Spit Bridge walk is amazing! You get breathtaking views of the harbour, and it’s such a rewarding hike going up the cliffs and along the coast. On your way to the Spit Bridge, there are dozens of little beaches and coves you can stop at and lay in the sun. When you finally get to the Spit Bridge, it’s like having completed a challenge through the jungles of Sydney!”

Best Beaches in Sydney

Where is your go-to swimming spot?
“Shelly beach in Manly (above) is definitely one of my favourites. It always seems so calm and the fish life is amazing, you feel like you swimming in an aquarium.”

The best place to go for a run?
“Along any beach, for sure! I enjoy the soft sand as it adds an extra bit of challenge, or at low tide I’ll run through the water for some added resistance! The run along the walkway at Manly beach and then up North Head is also one of my favourites!”

Where do you like to workout? 
“My job takes me pretty much all around the world, so my training happens wherever I happen to be. It’s all about being flexible! Sometimes I workout in my hotel room, or I take it outdoors. I tend to do a lot of workouts from my All Australian Beach Body app (above) because the Fitz program doesn’t require any weights or gym equipment, which is really useful when you’re on the go between competitions! If I’m traveling, I love to go on runs and explore the beaches or trails of the area. Whenever I’m home, I always train in my garage where I’ve set up my own little gym. It’s all about variety and keeping it interesting.”

Sydney’s best surf spots?
“I enjoy the workout you get navigating what is often small waves along the Manly strip on the northern beaches. Conditions are often similar to the US Open or European stops on the tours so it good preparation learning to work with whatever the ocean throws you. One of my most exciting surfing experiences in Sydney was definitely the big waves at Ours near Cronulla!”

Manly Ferry

Your favourite Sydney view?
“I love the view on the ferry when we go from Manly into the city for meetings. Its surreal to be surrounded by the water, see the coastline and the Opera House and Harbour Bridge. I travel a lot but I don’t think I could ever get tired of just how beautiful Sydney is.”

Top healthy living tips?
“When it comes to healthy eating, my philosophy is : clean, fresh, simple. I really believe that what we eat should fuel our body to perform it’s best. It’s all about variety, and eating for your activity level, being in tune with your body and what it needs. I cut out all processed foods and junk, steer clear from caffeine and alcohol. With discipline comes habits, and soon enough it isn’t hard to eat healthy or work out, they just become a part of my day. My top fitness tip is to have your goal in mind, write it down, put a post it up on the fridge, anything that will constantly remind you of why you’re working hard.”


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