Turia Pitt Running

Turia Pitt is one busy woman. Not only is she a mum of two, an author, and a motivational speaker (when there’s not a pandemic to content with) but she’s also about to launch the next 10-week programme of her RUN with Turia Pitt, a running plrogramme for tired mums.

She spoke to URBANSWEAT’s editor, Lucy E Cousins, about her self-care routine, her favourite post-run smoothie recipe and the message she wants to give to all the mums out there.

First up, tell us, do you think becoming a mother has made you more or less motivated for self-care?

“It’s made me way more motivated for self-care. Not in the traditional sense. Like, before kids I’d probably spend more time caring for myself, getting my hair cut and having massages and going for surfs whenever I could. But now I have a LOT less time and so taking that 20 minutes to go for a run or go for a surf has become even more important. I know that every time I manage to get out the door, even if I’m in mismatched socks and have a coffee-stained shirt, I come back in a better mood. I have more energy, I feel happier and more productive and in turn, I feel like that makes me a better mum, partner, friend and boss.”

What is it that makes you get out of bed in the morning at the moment?

“Ahhhhhhh, well, if I’m not woken up by my three-year-old sitting up and barking like a dog at 5am, I’m probably getting up for coffee! My kids get me up. I make a coffee and we get outside. That’s how we start each day.”

How does your running programme target mums in particular?

“I wanted a programme to follow and support from a running coach, advice from physios, etc, but I also wanted a community of people who ‘got’ me and understood where I was at (and that my kids were my priority). But I also really needed to do something cool for myself. Nothing like this seemed to exist, so I set about creating it.  And here we are. To be honest though, so far, RUN with Turia has trumped even my wildest expectations of what I thought it could be. Our community is chock-full of warm, funny, no-bullshit women who are supportive and encouraging, vulnerable, a little bit scared and happy to admit it, but they have your back no matter what. Because everyone goes through the programme together, there’s a real sense of camaraderie and support, which is incredible. I knew the programme we had designed was awesome but the community aspect of it has blown me away. I like to think our little Facebook group is the most positive place on the internet!”

What is your go-to smoothie recipe for after a run?

“To be honest, I don’t usually follow a specific recipe, it’ll just be a combination of what I’ve got in the fridge. I find it hard to eat a solid meal straight after I’ve done some exercise, but I always feel a lot better physically if I drink a smoothie within 30 minutes of finishing a workout. This is the rough guide I follow:

200ml almond milk (or normal milk, or soy milk)
100g of frozen fruit such as mango, banana, berries etc.
1 tsp of chia seeds, or LSA, or flaxseed meal, or any of the above or all of the above
1 large scoop of protein powder
Whizz it all up and drink.

If I have fresh fruit, I’ll use it, but I always have a bit of a random mix of frozen fruit in my freezer so I can use this instead. And I don’t always go with a precise 100g either. Sometimes I’ll use two bananas that are a bit overripe but taste perfect in a smoothie). Also, when you use frozen fruit, it means you don’t have to use ice.”

If you could, what message would you give every mother in Australia?

“I’d say: You can do anything but you can’t do everything; choosing to take that small 20-minute window in your day to go for a run might mean you don’t get that email sent or that load of laundry done. Dinner might be pizza at the oval, where you’ve plonked your kids down so you can fit in your sprint training session! That’s OK! Like I said, you can do anything, but you can’t do everything. So, don’t wait for everything to be right…hair brushed, clean clothes on, dinner cooked, lawn mowed, etc. before you make time for the things that feel good!”