Best Running Shoe 2023

Fact: There’s nothing quite like new workout gear to inspire you to be your best fitness self. When the new Under Armour UA Flow Velociti 3 trainers landed on my desk, let’s just say I was inspired… I tried them on for a quick 30-minute test run and didn’t take them off for two weeks straight. Here’s why.

First Impressions

Obviously, how they look matters – it’s usually the first thing that draws me in even before I get to know the features. And this is a very nice-looking shoe right out of the box. It’s noticeably very light to hold from the get-go, with a snug breathable knit upper. Slick and comfortable were my first thoughts, followed closely by cute colourways too.

Putting Them to the Test

Okay, so full disclosure, I’m not a runner (or even a jogger) and these are supposed to be game-changing for fast running. But they’re also a great training shoe for the everyday athlete who just wants to get around in style and comfort. The first time I laced these up was to run 30 minutes of errands – they felt so nice that I ditched the errands altogether and went for a random 4.5 hour powerwalk. Yes, really. With my playlist pumping, I felt invincible and like I was literally walking on air. I didn’t want to stop moving. Crazy good. Major endorphins rush.

I can only imagine that runners would feel like they were flying. Wearing these, you feel ultra-light and fast, like you have energy in every step – this is due to the innovative all-in-one design which does away with the usual clunky, heavy separate rubber outsole that most trainers have. This is why it’s Under Armour’s lightest-weight shoe yet and you can definitely feel the difference. Switching back to my usual trainers after wearing these, I felt like I was wearing bricks.


The Fit

For me, these were a little on the snug side so I could have possibly gone up a half size from my usual. The light flexible fabric weave hugs and wraps around the foot in all the right places thanks to the supportive strands pattern, without feeling constrictive. As a fast walker, my foot felt cushioned but stable. The moulded heel design provides extra stability and prevents any wobbling as you pick up the pace. The soles are super-grippy as well which I liked – good for wet weather and the traction you get on any surface makes it feel like you’re being propelled forward somehow. That’s exactly how you want to feel as you rush about your day – light, springy, unencumbered.

The Verdict

A great, versatile all-rounder everyday trainer which would be particularly good for runners and athletes. Or if you just want to feel like an urban athlete. The perfect combo of a responsive cushioned inside, grippy outside in the lightest trainer I’ve ever worn. Enjoyable to wear, great colourways, backed by solid tech behind the design of the shoe.

I totally rate any fitness gear which makes me want to move my body more, and makes me look good doing it – and the UA Flow Velociti 3 ticks all the boxes. While I didn’t pay for these, I would buy them again. Maybe I need them in more than one colour…? *adds to cart*

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