Tips for Beginner CrossFit

For the uninitiated, CrossFit looks like a muscle cult where hard-core athletes complete 100 sit ups before breakfast. But is that really how it is? We spoke to crossfit couple Emma and Vince Jackson, who sweat it out at their local CrossFit box twice a week. The first thing to know? CrossFit have ‘boxes’ not gyms… Here are their other tips for CrossFitters in training.

1. Don’t be put off by the myth of CrossFit
A lot of people think CrossFit is just for the fittest of the fit, the muscle toting men and women of the muscle world. And there is definitely a certain scare factor perpetuated by some of the amazing athletes in the CrossFit Games, whose muscles have muscles. The truth is you don’t have to be uber fit to start CrossFit, you’ll get there pretty quick any way! A CrossFit session is just a coached group class, where the instructors decide what workouts you’ll do each time. Every class is different and there’s no time to feel tired, as you’ll be too busy moving onto the next exercise.

2. Forget everything you have learned before
You may have been going to the gym for years, but the moment you enter a CrossFit box you need to forget everything you know. Every move is slightly different for CrossFitters, from lifting to push ups. And in your first month you’ll learn all new techniques for each exercise. Oh, and a warning, CrossFit immediately exposes your weaknesses, but it also teaches you how fix them.

3. Start slow then work your way up
No matter how fit you are, it’s best to start your CrossFit career with two sessions a week, you’ll be too sore to do any more. Then, once your body has adapted, you could build up to three and four session a week.

4. Never try to keep up with anyone else
Put simply, if you try to compete with your fellow CrossFitters, you will throw up. The idea is to push yourself to your limits, not anyone else’s. Every activity can be scaled to your level and instructors are generally more than willing to help you work that out.

 5. Do your research.
Just as with gyms there is a range of different CrossFit boxes; some have a community feel, some have a more competitive vibe. It really just depends on what will motivate you. If you’re not sure, phone up the box you are looking at joining and ask a few questions to find out what kind of feel it has. That way you’ll find a box that suits who you are, and you’ll enjoy your sessions even more.

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