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The biggest climbing gyms in Sydney

The indoor climbing and bouldering scene in Sydney has never been this vibrant, or this beginner-friendly. But when you’re ready to try the ‘vertical ballet,’ which gym is right for you?

Climbing is an amazing workout that improves strength, power and coordination while providing a fun, goal-oriented activity that makes you forget you’re working out. Best of all, gyms now cater to beginners like never before, so now is the perfect time to learn to fight gravity.

Climbing Vs Bouldering

If you’re an absolute beginner, you need to know the difference between climbing and bouldering.

Climbing is a roped activity done in pairs, so you each need a harness and you’ll be clipping yourself into ropes at the base of each ‘route’. While you climb, your partner will ‘belay’ (control the rope) so if you fall, you won’t hit the ground.

Bouldering is an unroped activity, which can be done without a partner. The walls are much lower, and the floor is padded with huge crash mats, to soften a fall.

Sydney's best climbing gyms

Sydney Indoor Gym, St Peters

Climbing gyms

Sydney Indoor Climbing Gym, St Peters
$31 with harness & shoes / $20 to climb/boulder and use the conditioning areas
With an enormous bouldering room and two climbing rooms, SICG is one of the biggest gyms this side of the equator. It’s known for its world-class route-setting (that’s the design of the climbs on the wall, and it’s a huge factor in how enjoyable the climbing is). Its huge size means “it’ll take you on a journey,” says co-owner Simon Stevens. “You could come here as a five year old kid, and still be getting what you need from climbing decades later.”

Climb Fit, Kirrawee & St Leonards
$28 with harness & shoes / $19 to climb/boulder and use the gym
Climb Fit has been the centre of the North Shore’s climbing scene since forever. With a fully-loaded gym upstairs, you can come here for a traditional gym-style workout or class, a boulder, and a climb, all for one entry price.

Sydney Indoor Climbing Gym, Villawood
$28 with harness & shoes / $18 to climb/boulder and use the conditioning areas
Home of the 2017 state and national indoor climbing titles, Villawood is a monstrous climbing facility with a good bouldering wall. Beginners will love the height and variability of the climbing walls, but if you’re keen for a boulder, there are better options for the newbie.

The Edge Rock Climbing Centre, Castle Hill
$31 with harness, shoes and chalk / $21 to climb
What it lacks in floorspace, The Edge makes up for in height. With a focus on route-setting for first-timers, Castle Hill offers both bouldering and climbing.

The Ledge, University of Sydney
$20 with harness and shoes / $10 to climb
Winner of the best bargain in town, the Ledge has recently expanded its bouldering walls. You don’t have to be a student to come here,but it’s cheaper if you are.

Northern Beaches Rockhouse, Brookvale
$28.50 with harness & shoes / $17 to climb / $13.50 to boulder
The Rockhouse’s big claim to fame is evil genius Phil Staples, who is known for setting routes that require a bit of cunning to ‘solve.’

Sydney's best bouldering gyms

                       Nomad, Annandale

Bouldering Gyms

Nomad Bouldering, Annandale
$26 with shoes / $20 to boulder and use the conditioning area
Managed by World Cup competitor Emma Horan, Nomad is aimed both at beginners and advanced climbers. “I come from a coaching background,” says Emma, “so my aim with every beginner route is to teach.” For more advanced boulderers, the LED Moon Board with programmable climbs is a fave attraction.

9 Degrees, Alexandria
$26.80 with shoes / $19.80 to boulder and use the conditioning area
9 Degrees is an awesome destination for beginner boulderers. Loads of walls that aren’t ‘steep’ (steep means overhanging to a climber), so it’s a great place to learn technique without the need for brute strength.

9 Degrees, Parramatta
$26.80 with shoes / $19.80 to boulder and use the conditioning area
Steeper walls and more supplementary training options have made 9 Degrees’ second location an instant favourite for advanced boulderers.


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