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Model, make-up artist, TV presenter and Expedia travel ambassador, Fiona Falkiner knows a thing or two about fitness. Not only was she one of the original Biggest Loser Australia contestants back in 2006, but she’s also the host of the new and improved 2017 version, Biggest Loser Transformedon channel 10. We caught up with her to ask all about her go-to Sydney hot spots. This is where you’ll find her when she’s not in front of a camera or in the gym!

What’s your favourite coastal walk?
I can’t go past the Bondi to Coogee walk it’s really is one of the most beautiful walks. With incredible views of the ocean and views looking back over all the beaches on the coast it is a must for anyone visiting Sydney!

What is your favourite brunch spot?
My favourite brunch spot in Sydney would have to be About Life in Double Bay; its a cafe and grocery store so I can kill two birds with one stone.  Its organic menu is amazing; I always order poached eggs, with spinach, avo and smoked salmon on gluten-free bread, with a green juice to wash it down.

Sydney yoga Studios

Where do you recommend for a boot camp/ gym or yoga?
My favourite yoga studio in Sydney would have to be Urban Yoga in Surry Hills. It’s a beautiful yoga studio with a huge screen displaying images and music that match the movements of the class.  It’s the perfect place to go and get bendy (and a little bit zen).  I mix up my training all the time. I am a fan of F45 training – they have studios all over the place, which is handy! Fitness Playground is also a great gym;  it has all sorts of fun equipment!

Best place to swim?
Bondi; I have travelled a lot and seen many beaches but Bondi is one of my faves! In summer the water is crystal clear the sand is warm and soft and there are so many great places to head to for a bite during the day.  I usually head to North Bondi and take a good book and an umbrella and that is me set for the day.

Good Coffie, Sydney
Where is the best coffee in Sydney?
I am a Victorian and have been known to be a bit of a coffee snob.  But my favourite coffee I have found in sydney is from Lizzy Bay Gourmet in Elizabeth Bay, it just ticks all the boxes of a good coffee, plus you can then walk down to Beare Park and enjoy it on the grass whilst looking out over the water.

Where should we go for a healthy lunch?
I recently discovered Bread & Circus Wholefoods Canteen, which I fell in love because they have a build your own salad plate, which for me is fantastic because I am usually a little picky with my orders!

Sydney's best running routes

The most beautiful place to go for a run?
I am not really a runner, I am more of a jogger.  Personally I like a loop track so I can start and finish in the same place.  At the moment I usually head to Centennial Park a few times a week to do a trot around the park.  It’s really beautiful with ponds and wildlife in the the middle, and most of the track is shaded which is a blessing when Sydney turns on the heat!

Sydney Bike tours ExpediaBest bike riding spot?
I recently did a guided ride with Bonza Bike Tours and we rode from The Rocks, over the Harbour Bridge around North Sydney then back along Barangaroo and King Street Wharf, Circular Key and Pyrmont.  I had no idea that Sydney was so accessible with bikes, you can literally see all of the best of Sydneys sights but up close in person!

What is your favourite Sydney view?
My favourite Sydney view would have to be of the harbour, but small pockets with boats clinking that are a little more peaceful.  Beare Park is one of my favourite places to take in the view and sit and take some time out.

Best healthy tip?
Take an hour out of your day to invest in you time, this could be anything from gym, yoga, meditation, walking, anything, but just take that time to look after yourself.  If you think it is being selfish by taking this time, remember that if you do it you will start being a healthier happier version of yourself and that is actually a gift to friends and family because they will be getting the best version of you!

Where would we find you on a Saturday morning in Sydney?
Depending on how my body feels when I wake up you will find me either at F45, yoga or doing the Bondi to Coogee walk with a friend.  This would be followed by breakfast at About Life where I can then do my groceries for the week!


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