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Where to workout in Manly Beach

Beach workouts are a Sydney institution, and while the sandy coves south of the heads get a lot of attention, we’d thought we speak to personal trainer and nutrition coach, Richard Kerrigan from The Beach Life for his advice for getting the most of out of a workout at north Sydney’s most popular beach.

“I’m lucky enough to have Manly beach right on my doorstep, which has recently been voted the best beach in Australia,” says Richard. “With such a stunning beach available, it’s pretty easy to stay motivated, inspired and excited to get out there and exercise. Top that off with a dip in the ocean post workout, and there really is no better way to start/finish your day!”

How to workout at Manly Beach

MOVE #1 Stair Intervals
Where: Queenscliff stairs

“For those looking for a challenging aerobic session, Queenscliff stairs is one of my favourite places to push myself and get a serious sweat on. Start on the bridge at the north end of the beach then run across and up the stairs heading towards Freshwater beach. Keep going until you reach the final set of stairs right at the top. If you’re feeling brave try taking two steps at a time. Start your timer at the bottom of the bridge and stop it when you reach the top of the stairs, then walk back down to the bottom of the bridge, this is your rest.”

 Goal: “I’ll aim to complete six-eight sets in a session, but start slow and build up to this. The key here is to keep your run times as consistent as possible. Control your breathing and keep going. This type of training is great for building up your aerobic capacity, strengthening up your legs and torching body fat.”

How to workout at Manly Beach

MOVE #2 Tabatta Shuttles
Where: Anywhere on the beach

“Set up two markers 20 metres apart (usually one large step is equivalent to one metre). Set up an interval timer on your phone and program eight rounds of 20 seconds with a 10 second rest. (I leave my phone in the middle of the two markers).  When the timer starts, sprint in between the markers as many times as you can in 20 seconds then rest for 10 seconds and completing eight sets. Rest for three minutes then repeat, only this time complete six rounds.

Goal: “At the end rest for two minutes then complete four rounds, rest for one minute and finally finish on two rounds. My top tip here is to do this session with a friend and try and push each other to complete as many laps in-between the markers as possible.”

How to workout at Manly Beach

MOVE #3 Strength Circuit
Where: North Steyne Grass

“Bodyweight training is a super effective way to train and really it is where we should all be starting before picking up weights in a gym. Body weight training can be made more difficult by slowing down the tempo (speed), increasing the number of repetitions or shortening the rest time in-between rounds. If you think a bodyweight session is easy then think again. I complete a bodyweight session at least once a week. It’s great not having to think about equipment, plus I can get a healthy dose of vitamin D whilst I’m exercising.”

Goal: Work through this circuit below resting for one minute at the end of each round and complete five rounds in total:

Body weight squat x 20
Glute bridge x 18
Step back lunge x 16
Push up x 14
Crunch x 12
Plank x 1 minute

How to workout at Manly Beach

MOVE #4 Ocean Swim
Where: South end of the beach.

“I fell in love with ocean swimming after training for an Ironman. It’s a great way to switch off and let your mind just wonder. I like to have at least one low intensity session each week as a great balance.  Swimming with the bold and beautiful swim squad you’ll start at 7am sharp leaving from the boat ramp at the south end of the beach swimming over to Shelly beach and then come back. It’s a 1.5km swim all up and you’ll see an array of marine life along the way.”

“Remember the best workouts are the ones which makes you feel good and wanting to come back for more. Feeling sore isn’t the be all and end all and can often mean you’ve over done it. Consistency is key to change. My 12 Week Fuel and Fitness Plan incorporates time efficient workouts that can be completed anywhere along with mouth watering recipes to fuel your body for a healthy sustainable lifestyle.”


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