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What to do in Sydney

Are you sick of going to the gym and following your mundane exercise routine? You’re doing the same thing, over and over and over! If you’re looking to add a little more excitement and adventure to your workout list, read on!

Tandem bike ride
If you’re looking for team building exercise, tandem bike riding is the place to do it! Sure, you take your first look at the bike. Ha! You’ve seen them do this on The Simpsons… if they can do it, so can you, right? Let’s just say, don’t judge a book by its cover! The tandem bike ride takes immense patience, communication with your teammate, and commitment. There’ll be a lot of laughs, a bit of frustration and even a few screams, but trust me, once you finish that lap or two, you’ll be wanting more! You can hire a bike for $25 per hour at Centennial Park. It’s a great way to get outdoors and move your body, without even thinking about it!

Wave Pools
The Cook and Phillip Park Aquatic and Fitness Centre is a great way to spend one of your ‘bad weather’ days. It’s an inside pool area that … wait for it … creates its own waves! You’ll have to egg-beat your legs and scull your hands to keep you above the water while the waves take your body up and down. There’s an adults spa section, laps for swimming, a kids section and then the wave section – so everyone can join in on the fun!

Rock Climbing
Don’t freak out, we don’t mean the hardcore, no ropes clinging to the side of a mountain! We’re talking about an indoor climbing center in St Peters that will push you to your limits. Find a partner, attach the harness and climb away! There’s plenty of different sections to fit each person, such as the beginners section to the elite section and beyond. They even provide yoga and flexi classes which is perfect for the ‘I don’t want to workout’ workout!

Ice Skating
It sounds easy, but every time we try it out, we walk, or should I say glide off the ice with our legs burning! The first 10 minutes is like the honeymoon period. You’re gracefully gliding sliding along, testing your limits and you haven’t really started to feel the burn. But after 45 minutes on the ice, you’ve worked up a sweat, have somehow become a pro at skiing backward and you’re legs feel like they’re about to fall off! It’s an extremely fun way to get your body moving. Try Ice Zoo in Alexandria, or the Canterbury Olympic Ice Rink for an awesome time! 

Laser Tag
You hear the words and you think back to year five when laser tag was the best type of party you could have! But somehow, you’ve forgotten about all the running around, ducking, jumping and hiding that comes along with it. This is one you will not regret. Somehow, it’s more lifelike and the pressure to win is multiplied by one thousand. You’ll be sprinting through the course with beads of sweat dripping down your face trying to win. It’s an adventure in itself and an extremely fun way to workout. There’s plenty of laser tags around Sydney, but the one we recommend is Strike at the Entertainment Quarter.

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