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Sydney's best workouts

Do you want to sweat before work, during lunch, or at the end of the day? We found your workout! 

The Zone, on King Street in the CBD, is a mentally and physically challenging workout that will leave covered in sweat. You might want to drop the weights, give up, slide off the treadmill, but the engaging trainers will push you through and make sure that you don’t give up. Believe us,  you will most likely be crawling out of the gym after the session.

The Zone consists of four distinct training areas, each zone using dynamic movement training principles for a total body workout. Be prepared for a metabolic challenge, incorporating anaerobic- and aerobic fitness, where you have to push yourself to your physical and mental limits.

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The Zones:

Zone One (Progressive): A highly aerobic session focusing on coordination, working on balance, flexibility, and stability through dynamic movements. The aim is to have your heart rate as high as possible during the entire session, making sure to really push to your limit. You will be using kettlebells and cardio machines.

Zone Two (Functional): This workout will incorporate movements you need in daily life, using weights. It is an intrinsic circuit and focuses on functional strength and anaerobic fitness and speed.

Zone Three (Conditioning): Have we mentioned burpees yet? Well, don’t think you can escape them in this class. It is the hardest of all sessions (we did it, and it was brutal, but we felt amazing). It is an athletic and team bases class split into three stations with every four exercises. You might have to stay up to three minutes at one exercise – the killer!

Zone Four (High Performance): This is a cross training, a strength-based circuit where you will get your gains and strength. Think squads, deadlifts, lunges, and much more. It is a metabolic challenge.

The round off:

The Zone has more than 50 classes a day, and four distinct training areas designed to push your limits. All the trainers are qualified and lead a series of short 15, 30 and 45 minutes sessions in each zone. Don’t come with the excuse “I don’t have time to train”, because this won’t even take an hour out of your day.

This workout is for anyone who loves a challenge, working out in a small group, and feeling the body ‘crash’, while completing a full body workout.

The gym has great facilities, which you can use outside the classes, too. If you feel like a super warrior, complete a class of each zone without a break – entering under your own risk!