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Best workouts for Women in Sydney

Sorry guys, this ones for the girls!  

If you want a female-only environment to sweat it out, we’ve created a list to help guide you along the way to five of Sydney’s best workouts for women!

Workouts for Women in Sydney

Who runs the world? GIRLS! Thanks, Beyonce.

Zadi Training
The latest female fitness studio focusing on HITT and functional training in Sydney, Zadi is exclusive to women! The studio looks like a nightclub with pumping music, bright lights and sessions are capped at just 16 members. It’s a cutting-edge workout and perfect for women wanting to feel part of a strong team, ready to “unleash the extraordinary” in each woman.

BUF Girls
All sweat no tears! There is no comparison, body image or competition here! BUF Girls was created to help every woman live their best life through a strong community of women who have a focused goal to inspire, support and encourage themselves and others. Buf Girls encourages all women to train for the love of it – not to chase the idea of beauty. Train because it will make you feel happy, healthy, balanced, powerful, unstoppable and fearless: all things women should experience. Buf Girls offers online training, as well as studio training, group training, and personal training … so there really is something for any female out there wanting to get active! Founded by Libby Babet – a trainer for “The Biggest Loser: Transformed” – these classes will leave you feeling secure on the inside and sweating on the outside!

Sydney Pole
Have you ever been even slightly curious to know what pole dancing is like? And maybe just felt a little too over your mark to try it out! Well, let’s break that barrier down TODAY and give it a go! You can even try a class for free. Sydney Pole is a Pole Dancing and Fitness community established in 2013, with an aim to bring people together through the power of pole, dancing, and fitness. The studio has a fun, energetic and passionate vibe, with individuals being encouraged and supported along every step of the way. The studio is a safe and inviting space for all people – no matter your size, ethnicity or age – to have fun and smash your goals!

The Body Barn
Have you ever been to a gym, looked at the weights and ran to the cardio section because that’s where all the woman were? Gyms can be intimidating at times and that’s why the Body Barn created a specifical woman only gym to help create a friendly, nonjudgmental environment for women wanting to work out. The trainers will be there to motivate you to meet your goals and can even provide you with all of the nutritional advice you need. Not only is there a floor filled with weight and cardio machines, but there is also scheduled functional training classes to shake things up!

Base Body Studio
The Base Body Studio in Kensington specialises in training woman with weights. The community is filled with a like-minded woman who wants to train together, motivate together and inspire together! The trainers will provide you with the tools you need for a safe and efficient workout, as well as supplying constant support and motivation to nourish your body with positive thoughts. It’s a comfortable environment that allows you to let go of your inhibitions and work out worry free!

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