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Best running shoes

You know when Nike brings out a new shoe, it’s going to have a lot of hype surrounding it. And the new Nike Joyride Run Flyknits are no different. So when Nike asked us to road test these new trainers we jumped at the chance to see if they live up to the (pretty substantial) hype!

Best running shoes

First impressions
Right off the bat, the first thing we notice is that these shoes are pretty. Really pretty. And, sure, we know that shouldn’t be as important as their performance, but we’d be kidding ourselves to think that aesthetics aren’t important. We’ve scored a pair of the black and white joyrides (perfect for our monochrome addiction) but as they run a little small, we had to go a half-size up. Even then they are snug, but that’s intentional; they are designed to hug your foot and support it while you run.

Beads, beads and more beads
The idea behind these new shoes is to make running easier, and the way Nike has managed to do that is to fill the sole with thousands of tiny foam beads (around 9,000 of them) to act as teeny tiny shock absorbers. These beads are concentrated under your heal, at the ball of your feet and at the toes, and they make each stride feel a little lighter. The heal especially is very supportive, cushion-y and padded. The rest of the shoe is Nike’s own flyknit weave, which over time molds to your feet, with give but also a sock-like feel.

Best running shoes

The real test
Looks and technology aside, obviously the real test is how they ride! And after a couple of runs, it’s clear that they are really comfortable for short to mid-length runs, especially on road or hard surfaces. They do mold to your feet, and quite quickly, so you’ll find they are more comfortable at the end of your first run than at the start of it.  Apart from running, they are also great shoes for everyday wear as they are stylish and super comfy, though the ball of your foot can get sore if you’re just standing in them for long periods.  

Our verdict?
If you’re in need of a new running shoe for 10km or less runs, these are perfect. They are tight-fitting, but this makes you feel supported and confident in your actions. So, all there is left to say is… it’s a yes from us!

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