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Music to workout to

We don’t know about you, but for us, music has the ability to motivate, encourage and get us off the couch!

There’s nothing like a bit of music to motivate you to chuck on your running shoes and start sprinting on the treadmill. So for that very reason, we’ve created a list of our favorite songs to get your bodies moving when working out.

The Warm Up:

You’re going to want something to hype you up for your warm, but something not too fast-paced. Combining Keeping Score by LDRU and Something About You by Hayden James creates a six to seven-minute warm-up, which is the perfect amount of time for your muscles to prepare for the workout ahead. We like to start the music as we walk into the gym and up the stairs, so by the time you’re on the treadmill for your warm up, you’ll be bopping along.

The Spin Class:

For the bike, we love combining Levels by Avicii, the sunset brothers remix of I’m feeling it and Fake Magic by Peking Duk and Aluna George for the perfect 10-minute bike set. Start with Levels to ease you into it, then move on to I’m feeling it and Fake magic to take it up a notch. By this stage, you’ll be so energised by the music and working up a sweat that you won’t want to stop. How’s that for endorphin release!

For your strength workout:

If you haven’t picked up on it yet, you will start to now… confession – we’re just a tad obsessed with Peking Duk. They create the perfect music for moving your body and working out. And that’s exactly why for your leg routine, you’ll wanna have them pumping in your ears. Try the Alphalove remix of Fire and Wasted by Peking Duk. They’re both at a good pace and not too intense so that you can focus on your correct form, but they will also provide a distraction from the burn.

For your core workout:

For your core, we love to move to Breathin by Ariana Grande, Say My Name by Peking Duk and Countdown by Beyonce. For holding planks and situp’s especially, these songs provide the perfect beat to move to. It’s not too fast so that you’re falling behind, but not too slow. These songs will take you through the motions of core activation and stabalisation.

For your run:

Hardstyle fan or not, these songs will make your legs move! Come Running by Darren Styles, paired with Imaginary by Brennan Heart and Jonathan Mendelsohn is a great mix of slow and fast, perfect for interval running on the treadmill. We like to end our run with Next to you by LDRU as it’s a continuous but slower pace, which is a good way to finish a run.

And finally, the cool down:

 Addicted to you by Avicii is without a doubt always our ending song. It’s a lot slower but still has a beat to keep you moving. You’ll be bouncing out of the gym with the music blasting in your ears with an awesome new playlist ready for next time.

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