Steph Prem Smoothie Recipe

For former Olympian and Medibank Live Better Ambassador Steph Prem, being healthy is all about performance. “As cliche as it sounds, to be able to live our healthiest happiest lives is undoubtedly linked to our wellbeing,” she says. “And that, for me, comes back to performance and how we perform on a daily basis, professionally and personally.”

That’s why Prem, an uber successful Pilates teacher and studio owner, places importance on not only working out, but also recovery. This post-workout smoothie is one of her favourites and not only because it tastes amazing, it’s also as hardworking as she is. “This recipe is heavy on the protein but the avocado and the almond milk give it a bit of a nice cream and a nutrient hit.”

Want to try it for yourself? Here’s her go-to recipe to down after your next workout:

You’ll need:

I tablespoon of avocado
1 scoop of vanilla protein
1 cup of almond milk
A generous handful of almonds and walnuts
1 frozen banana,
½ cup of ice
½ cup of frozen blueberries.
A dash of cinnamon
½ tsp ashwagandha (“It helps with the stress response in the body, and I think we all need to better adapt to stress at the moment!” says Steph)


To make, it’s just as easy as you’d expect. Chuck everything in the blender and blend until it gets to the consistency you’re after.


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