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Spurred on by the endless lockdowns, the online workout industry in Australia has grown an incredible 900% since January last year, according to a survey from fitness app Les Mills. And interestingly, it’s women who are overwhelmingly driving this digital workout trend with females making up 92% of users. But if sweat-inducing strength workouts, or fast paced HIIT classes aren’t your style, don’t worry. The beauty of online workouts is you can try your hand at anything and risk looking like a rookie. After all, the only ones who are watching are our pets, right?


What is it? 80’s style aerobics
Cost? Free, join their VHS Workout Club
Why you’ll like it: Retrosweat is fun with a capital F. It’s a modern take on 1980’s aerobic classes (complete with high-tops and leg warmers) set to the tracks of some of the best songs of that decade. Founder Shannon Dooley is a vision in leotards and wigs, but don’t be fooled you’ll have to work hard to keep up with her and you will find yourself sweating in no time. Dressing up isn’t essential, but it’s expected!

Groove Therapy

What is it? Online street dance workshops
Cost? $69 for 16 beginner lessons
Why you’ll like it: Think you can’t dance? Think again. These online lessons from dancer Vanessa Varghese are the real deal. Forget gimmicky classes, Groove Therapy online courses will give you an in depth grounding in global street dance. We’re talking street styles originating from USA, Jamaica, Africa, and Latin America so think hip hop, house, dancehall and afrobeats. As they say ‘Basically we are arming you with skills to slay on your next d-floor encounter’.


What is it? Roller skating workouts
Cost? $59 for the beginner course
Why you’ll like it:  You’ll love gliding around your home in roller skates, and these online classes from Rollerfit will make sure you don’t crash into anything! They also include strength exercises, cardio, games, skate skills and dance, so you’ll be a pro in no time. They have just launched their ‘Absolute Beginner Course’ as well so you can learn the basics in the safety of your own loungeroom. Founder Stacey Short’s advice? “Leave your ego at the door. No one is good at roller-skating the first time. We all start as baby giraffes.” She reckons you need to embrace the wobble… And if you’re after the skates themselves, Rollerfit sells them too.


What is it? Burlesque fusion fitness
Cost? $80 for the six-week challenge
Why you’ll like it: Fitesque is a training method combining the sexy, strutting, core workouts of burlesque dancing with ‘sassy’ and strong showgirl inspired moves. The workouts are designed to lengthen, stretch, release and tone your whole body, so you’ll feel like a Las Vegas dancer and will have the results to show for it. Founder Melony Cherrett, a former showgirl, says Fitesque is not just about fitness, it is also about building confidence while you unleash your inner showgirl. The challenge comes with nutrition and mindset advice, and has had some incredible weight-loss results.

Hula Hoop Dance

What is it: Hula hooping classes
Cost? $99 for a four-week course
Why you’ll like it: Sure, it might not sound that energetic, but hula hooping is actually an amazing cardiovascular workout that can burn up to 600 calories an hour. Not bad for something you can do while watching Netflix! Sydney-based Spinjoy founder Caitlyn Woods says, “Hula hopping increases core stability, flexibility, coordination and balance, plus it’s great for stress reduction and improves mind-body connection.” All you need for Spinjoy’s online beginner course is an adult size hula hoop (around $20) and a bit of space in your living room.

At Home with Studios

What is it? Beginner ballet classes
Cost? Free for all three levels
Why you’ll like it: Loved Step Up? Ever imagine yourself as a ballet dancer? Well, the Australian Ballet has released a group of free online ballet classes, called At Home with Studios. Taught by highly accomplished teacher, Justine Miles, with the backing of the 58-year old national dance company, these classes are a serious affair. There are three levels from Beginner to Advanced, so you can progress at your own pace. Not only you will improve your posture by learning ballet, you’ll also improve your coordination and strength through the basic ballet poses and sequences.

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