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It takes a lot to impress us when it comes to running shoes. There are so many styles and brands out there, it seems like every month a new running shoe ‘changes the game’. But recently we were invited to road test the new HOVR running shoe from performance wear giants Under Armour, and, well, we are a little in love.


There are two HOVR new releases, the UA HOVR Sonic Running Shoe and the UA HOVR Phantom Running Shoes. We tested out the Phantoms… So, why do we love them so much? Here are the top five reasons they get the URBANSWEAT tick of approval:

1. The snug fit: The first thing you’ll notice about these shoes is that they have a moulded, plush-knit collar so it’s kind of like a seatbelt for your feet. They support and keep your ankle from moving too much while you run.

2. They’re so light: Running shoes can weight you down, literally. But these little babies are uber light so you don’t even notice you’re wearing them. The soles are really comfy too and have what UA call a ‘zero gravity feel’. We like that.

3. They give you energy: Well, not quite… but they do use technology, including the Energy Web over the front of the foot and the HOVR foam to help reflect the energy that your stride makes. Can you feel it? When you’re running, you definitely feel a push up when you touch the pavement.

4. They’re airy: And by that we mean they are ultra-breathable so our feet don’t feel like saunas, plus they have a fast drying upper so any sweat we do have (or if we run through puddles, because, you know, we’re hard core like that) they dry out quickly.

5. They are functional and fashionable: Have we tried these out while working out? Absolutely. But we’ve also paired them with jeans and worn them to the beach and the movies and, well, wherever. Ours are white and they are basically our go-to, every day shoe now.

TIP: Our advice is to buy a size larger than you normally would as we found that the ankle collar makes them run on the small side for sizes. So, want to check out the Women’s and Men’s versions? Of course you do.

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