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Viscious Cycle Sydney Spin classes

Pumping beats, flashing lights, super human instructors – Vicious Cycle has been rocking the eastern suburbs for a while, and now it’s the CBD’s turn. What can you expect? Well, it’s one hellava fun cardio workout (with a difference) and their CBD local is bigger, better and more vicious than ever.

We recently caught up with the founder of Vicious Cycle, Tanya Weeks, at their CBD launch party, and we are a little bit obsessed! After realising Sydney’s spin scene didn’t compare to the studios overseas, Tanya created Vicious Cycle – a place for people to get lost in a rhythym based, high intensity ride.

And since opening its doors in Bondi in 2015, Tanya has perfected the Vicious experience, but Vicious Cycle is NOT your typical spin class. As Tanya explains it: “Vicious Cycle is all about connecting mind, body and movement – incorporating a lot of movements on the bike, distracting the mind and getting into the body so you get your workout done without even realising you’ve just had a tough, tough session.”

And tough it is… As soon as you step into that chilled, dark room, you’re transplanted into an epic dance party (on two wheels). The 45 minutes flies by, and before you know it, you’re out of breath, drenched in sweat, and feeling amazing. Each class is a full body workout to carefully curated tunes, and a Vicious rockstar motivating you through every tap back, sprint and climb.

Teaming up with LivingWell Health Club, opposite the QVB, Vicious is open to everyone with a flexible pay per ride set up. Something Tanya is passionate about. “Before I started Vicious Cycle I couldn’t find a small spin-specialised studio with a pay per ride option.” So she set one up (thank goodness!).

So before you book your next ride, here is what we learned by trying out the new class:

1) Music: Vicious offers a music based, rhythm ride. It’ll help balance your motivation and endurance!
2) Water: bring lots…you’ll need it (and use the towel provided!)
3) Choreography: It’s there to increase intensity and focus. If it’s not for you, no worries!
4) Fitness: Vicious is great for beginners, hard-core cyclists, and anyone in between, you can control how hard you work.
5) Attitude: Leave it at the door! Vicious is a judgement-free zone, so just be ready to rock up ready to have fun!

And as Tanya says “Motivation comes and goes. Discipline makes it a routine and a lifestyle.” So start cycling, people!


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