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Bec Wilcock Pregnant Fitness

It’s hard enough keeping fit while you’re not carrying an entire human in your uterus, but when you’re actually creating life and, you know, doing miraculous things with your femine organs, it can feel like an impossible task. So we tracked down one of the fittest people we know, Nike Trainer and Blackmores Wellbeing Coach, Bec Wilcock to ask her for her top tips for staying fit in Sydney while pregnant. Her qualifications? Well, apart from the her insane muscle tone, she’s also completed triathlons, marathons and ultra-marathons, including the 100-mile run, the Barkley 100 in Tennessee. Oh and she’s just given birth to a beautiful boy, Beau.

Bec-Wilcock FItnes Tips

Bec, how did you stay fit while pregnant?
“As a health professional, I wanted to be active and keep my healthy lifestyle during my pregnancy. My training varied throughout my trimester, reducing volume and intensity as my body changed (and bub grew). I enjoyed strength and mobility sessions in the gym, prenatal yoga classes in the afternoons and walking, jogging and swimming as my outdoor training.”

Do you have a favourite place for a long walk or easy jog? 
“I love the Harbour walk/run from Rose Bay to Nelson Park and Bondi to Bronte (of course, haha!).

What is your go-to pre-natal class?
“Do I have to pick one? I loved all prenatal classes during my pregnancy, from yoga to strength and I found them very rewarding. My advice for expecting mumma’s is to pick classes that you feel like doing, listen to your body and find a good instructor.”

Did you try acupuncture or meditation? 
“I meditated at home. I also researched different breathing techniques to help me prepare for labour, I found this book very helpful whilst giving birth to Beau: The Mindful Way Through Pregnancy.

Did you enjoy pre-natal massages? 
“Unfortunately I didn’t like them. I had a bad experience with a masseuse in the US and never tried it again. Which was weird for me because normally I LOVE remedial massages (when I’m not pregnant).”

Did you have any favourite restaurants for a pregnancy diet? 
“Proteini Cafe on Crown Street was my go to for breakfast! They have everything from yummy smoothies to scrambled eggs with smashed avocado.”

What do you think the biggest myth about being pregnant and keeping fit is?
“To stop all fitness!! Staying active during pregnancy not only helps you physically, it also helps you mentally, so don’t give it up, just learn how to modify your movements.”

What advice would you give to someone who is recently pregnant?

Know your body and your limits When I found out I was pregnant I made a list in my diary of all the different movements and types of exercises I had been doing over the last year. This refreshed my memory and helped me not to introduce any new exercises in to my “training for two” program.

– Know what motivates you I found having a weekly fitness and nutrition routine kept me motivated and mentally strong throughout my pregnancy. It also kept the bub healthy and happy too.

Stay hydrated Carry a water bottle with you, whether you’re heading to the gym or going to bed.

Get the right nutrients, vitamins and minerals Every morning I take a probiotic, iron, primrose oil, fish oil and a Blackmores Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Gold to ensure bub and I get adequate folic acid, iodine, iron, DHA, vitamin D3, B to help feel my best and give my body the energy it needs .

Know when to slow down or stop! From trimester one right through to birth, I listen to my body and accepted the days I needed to slow down or stop.

Workout gear Make sure you wear a support bra that fits your new breast size and check you’re wearing the correct shoes, that are the right size and comfortable – this can be a game changer for your whole body.

Break up your workouts by reducing time For example, do a 30 minute walk in the morning and a 15-20 minute body weight circuit in the afternoon rather than a 45 – 50 min work out.

Know your target weight Knowing my healthy weight range guided me week to week with my pregnancy. This way if I was ever underweight or gained weight abnormally fast I could consult my doctor about it.

 “And lastly, enjoy this magical time because it flies!”


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