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We couldn’t sum up this workout better if we tried!

We decided to head to Bondi and test out an epic BUF Girls workout, and… were we in for a surprise. Not only was the workout extremely challenging, but the entire studio was pink and filled with awesome female names such as Beyonce, Whitney Houston and Madonna to get us motivated for the workout.

The BUF G.I.R.L.S workout is a 50-minute low-impact class with varying intensity. How does attaching ankle weights to yourself and leaving them on for the ENTIRE CLASS sound? Surprisingly, we got used to them very quickly and began to ignore the fact that they were there.

Each letter in G.I.R.L.S stands for a section of the body you’ll use throughout the workout:

G-reat Butt
The ‘butt’ aspect of the G.I.R.L.S workout aims to tighten and tone through a mixture of weighted squats, jump squats, body bands, donkey kicks, and all things butt! For an entire six minutes, you will be jumping all over the place in a high-intensity repeated pattern to maximize the impact.

I-rresistible Arms
For us, this one came as a shock. Sure, you’ll pick up the 1kg dumbbells and think, “oh this is so light, this will be easy,” but 30 seconds into the six-minute section and you’ll be wishing you never started! Holding these small weights for an entire six minutes will have a favorable impact on your arms as you hold them up for 20 seconds, rest for 10, then bring them straight back up again!

R-ipped Abs
Ahhhh, the abdominal section. The most satisfying section for us was when we were working on our abs. It meant we could lie down and have a slight rest right?… Wrong! Immediately we were hit with ball crunches, situps and anything ‘ab’ for six minutes! But we won’t lie, that burn sensation at the end is so satisfying, we would come back over and over just for the feeling!

L-ovely Back
Who doesn’t love a toned back? We sure do! And it’s something we find we usually forget to work out when we’re in the gym. Using dumbbells, resistance bands and bodyweight moves allowed us to see the importance of focusing on the back during a workout.

S-exy Legs
And finally, the dreaded leg day. It sends chills down your spine! At the BUF studio, we had the distraction of singing to Sister Sledge’s “We Are Family” mixed with some epic dance moves to add some fun into the workout… seriously, does it get any more motivating?

It sure does – did we mention we wrote affirmations and goals for the day on the mirror in front of us to look at during the workout? #Girlgoals right?

Our verdict? BUF Girls was a great 50-minute workout. For the next three days we couldn’t walk down a set of stairs without feeling the burn, but it’s all totally worth it! If you’ve been waiting for an all-girls, dancing, throwback beats, and sweat-a-licious workout, get down to BUF Girls!

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