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Where to workout in Sydney

So you work in the city and need something to do on your lunch break? Or maybe you’re keen for some exercise but don’t know which gym to choose? We hear ya.

Don’t worry, we have sweated our way through some research and here is our shortlist of the six best places to workout in the heart of Sydney!

Scenic Cycle
How would you like to cycle through some of the world’s best cycling routes on your lunch break? Seems impossible right? WRONG! Scenic Cycle is the ultimate fast-paced spin studio with a difference! It involves a large screen that projects different cycling routes from across the globe so that you can essentially travel overseas within the hour-long class. And you’ll be sweating it out to a soundtrack that will leave your heart racing. So why not give it a go and see the world in a different light – it’ll leave you wanting more!

F45 Martin Place
Only have a little bit of time? These functional 45-minute F45 classes will get you fit it no time! Be prepared for a high-intensity hard work out that will leave you hurting for days (the good kind of course). With classes such as ‘MVP’, ‘Angry Bird’, ‘Foxtrot’, ‘Panthers’ and ‘Brixton’ you’ll explore a range of cardio and strength exercises to get your body in shape. Find out what all the fuss is about. 

Maybe you really love rowing or maybe you’re just after an intense class that will keep you on your toes? If that’s the case, then CREW is for you! It’s a tough, HITT workout based around rowing and believe me, the guys from CREw know how to get results. You’ll burn calories with every stroke and the heart will be pumping! Test yourself each class and watch your fitness levels grow, fast!

Balance Yoga
Get your Zen on with the guys from Balance Yoga. Their numerous lunchtime and after work classes are perfectly timed to reduce your stress! It will be a soothing 55-minute to 75-minute class, helping you to rejuvenate your mind and relax your body. Oh, and did we mention you’ll also find that you increase flexibility, muscle strength and body tone over time? Win. Win.

Bend + Mend
Bend and mend it’s in the title! Offering a mixture of physio and specialised Pilates classes including pregnancy Pilates and Pilates with a physio, the professionals from Bend + Mend know their stuff. With three clinics in the CBD Martin Place, Barangaroo and Darling Park  you’ll have access to private rooms and specialised one-on-one care. Is it time for a little self care?

Interesting Fitness
Bored with the usuals? You need Interesting Fitness. This one-of-a-kind gym near Martin Place has bouldering, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Muay Thai, boxing, ZUU and group fitness classes. What else do you need? It’s a different way to get exercise into your daily routine. They have a free seven-day trial, so sign up and check it out.  


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