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Healthy Snacks

Sure, we all know about Vegemite and avocado, popcorn and chocolate, and bacon and maple syrup… but what other foodie combos are there? Well, lucky for you we’ve taken one for the team – you’re welcome – and spent a week trying out every food mix we could possibly think of. Some worked. Some… didn’t.  But in the end we’ve narrowed down our top five favourites. Get ready to host a party in your mouth, people.

Peanut butter and Mango

Ahh, peanut butter. The universal spread. Sure, it goes well on apples, pears and dark chocolate, but did you know that p’butter also mixes well with the humble mango? Sweet, nutty, slightly tart. Delicious.

Dark Chocolate and Blue Cheese

Sounds horrible, but is actually a combination straight from foodie heaven. Incredibly the blue cheese brings out the deep, richness of the chocolate and the chocolate takes away the sharpness of the cheese. Game, set, match.

Pineapple and Chilli Powder

Normally pineapple is relegated to its controversial use on pizza (let’s not start THAT debate here…), but add a little spice and it turns your mouth into a Mexican fiesta. This is mainly because the chilli’s heat increases the fruit’s sweetness – a flavour bomb, basically.

Sweet Potato Fries and Maple Syrup

Honestly, you could put maple syrup on cardboard and it’d taste amazing, but drizzle it on to sweet potatoes chips and it’s mind-blowingly tasty. Something about the sweetness in the potato mixing with the maple syrup creates culinary magic. Make sure you serve the syrup warm and the chips slightly charred.

Strawberries and Parmesan Cheese

Forget the whole chocolate and strawberry combo (that’s so 1993). A good quality Parmesan cheese is actually all you need. The sweetness and tartness of the strawberry get a hit from the acidity and sharpness in the parmesan to enhance its flavour… big time. Serve the cheese shredded in a dipping bowl and choose very ripe strawberries for the best results.