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Best gyms in Sydney

Feeling like you’re in a fitness rut? Sick of the same old classes? Well, sticking to the same routine day in and day out can actually lead to burnout and boredom, and you might even feel like giving up altogether. One of the most effective ways to get motivated again is to spice up your fitness routine.

Luckily the guys at Virgin Active (one of the best gyms around) understand that keeping things ‘fresh’ is the key to helping you keep your exercise mojo. Think variety, music, lighting, custom studios, expert coaches, plus, extra little touches like amazing rain showers, Dyson™ hairdryers, ghd® straighteners (hello, date night), and luxe Appelles products.

Interested? Well, here’s our pick of the best workouts that’ll definitely shake up your fitness routine ASAP: 

Grid Training  (Virgin Active’s answer to High Intensity Interval Training) is a high-intensity blend of running, pushing, pulling, lunging, strength work and functional training (see main pic). It’s tough, it’s sweaty, but you’ll build muscle fast and improve your stamina and stability. Paired with the rocking playlists and a choreographed light show, you’ll learn to move like you never thought you could. If you want to get fit, and like training in a team, this workout is for you.

Best gyms in Sydney

Inside the custom-built boxing  studios at Virgin Active, you get your own aqua bag, ozone-cleaned leather gloves, arena lighting, curated playlists and a high-energy coach to keep you motivated from beginning to end. It’s a boxing experience that brings the energy and intensity of a real fight, without actually being hit in the face! Expect to strengthen your body, burn calories, and perfect your punch.

Best gyms in Sydney

Reformer Pilates
You’ll want to do this workout if you’re after a killer six pack, but Reformer Pilates  is about more than just abs, it’s about solid foundations. Using spring-loaded resistance on a Reformer bed, this class focuses on increasing lower, upper and core strength, as well as posture, breathing and spine alignment. Whether you’re looking to sculpt, sweat, or flow Virgin Active offers three class styles for beginners to advanced; all included in the cost of their membership.

Best gyms in Sydney

Love spin classes?  Virgin Active’s cycle classes have been described as a ‘revolution in spin training’, with custom designed bikes, choreographed music and lighting and shoes ready on arrival. Whether metrics are your jam, or you prefer to forget them and lose yourself in the music, there’s a cycle class for you. Give Cycle-Spirit a go if you’re in for a spin experience for the soul. You’re not just pedalling here, you’ll be dancing, doing bicep curls and finding your zen, all in 45 minutes. Doesn’t sound like you? Try Cycle-Burn, the ultimate HIIT workout on two wheels. Use the data on your personal consoles to set your goals in speed, resistance and power, then beat them every time.

Best gyms in Sydney

So much more than just ‘Gym Yoga’,  Virgin Active studios provide the perfect space for you to tune in while expert coaches guide you through an authentic practice. Whatever your soul needs, there’s a Yoga class for you.  Try Yoga Flow if energy is what you need, Yoga Calm if stillness speaks to your soul, or Yoga Align to bring you that balance you’ve been searching for.


If those workouts don’t get you excited (hard to please, eh?), you’ll also find Barre, Circuit, Mat Pilates, Meditation, Traditional Group Exercise, and literally hundreds more at Virgin Active. And don’t worry, there’s just one membership option, and it includes everything, so it’s super easy.

Curious? Of course you are. Why not book a free tour and get your exercise mojo flowing again!


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