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Directly opposite the infamous Arq nightclub at Taylor Square, there’s now a new kind of cardio party. Trampo-Line is part of the wave of trampoline fitness studios which are starting to spring up all over Sydney. Rebounding boasts a slew of reputed health benefits from increasing aerobic endurance, improving balance and coordination, to helping maintain bone density with jumping being a low impact form of weight-bearing exercise. Studies have shown that the vertical up-and-down motion can help the lymphatic system to drain toxins from the body, improve mental clarity and boost overall immunity. I thought it sounded like a fun new way to get in some cardio (which I usually dread ugh), whilst reliving fond childhood memories of bouncing around the backyard after school.

What was it like?
Not for the workout shy, the curved space on a corner block has floor-to-ceiling glass windows looking out onto busy Flinders St. The intimate light-filled studio has wall-to-wall sturdy mini trampolines, surrounded by mirrored walls and large cooling fans. It’s a relaxed welcoming vibe, with uber-fit founders & trainers Justyna Bieganska and Magdalena Rudzka personally welcoming everyone as we all slowly amble in and choose our spots. Five minutes in, I realise I may not make it through the 50-minute class still standing. This fast-paced, high-intensity workout will challenge not only your aerobic fitness but also your balance and coordination. During the non-stop bouncing, I look around and everybody else is getting great air like graceful gazelles. I feel like a heavy unco frog.

I can now see how a 10-minute workout on the mini tramps is equal to nearly 30 minutes of jogging… Don’t worry, there are brief water/rest breaks throughout the class to catch your breath. Try to just keep moving (however slowly), even if you have to do an awkward side-to-side two-step like me to keep your heart-rate up. The waist-high T-bar handles at the front of each trampoline are also a godsend as I get tired, helping with stability and balance. If you regularly do aerobics, HIIT or dance classes you’ll have no problem at all keeping up. Being cardio-averse, I struggled with following the speedy routines & transitions whilst trying to remember correct posture, all while trying to avoid looking at my sweaty red face in the mirrors. But I was concentrating so hard on all of the above that 50 minutes just flew by! An hour of cardio done just like that – BOOM!

The verdict:
An invigorating fun way to torch up to 1200 calories a class. This unique 50-minute workout offers serious cardio fitness while being low-impact on joints and muscles. With a friendly, non-competitive atmosphere, the trainers give lots of instruction, smiles and high-energy motivation throughout. I did a midday class and felt buzzed for the rest of the day. Bonus: I had the most beautiful natural rosy cheeks well into the evening (usually they disappear about an hour after exercise). So  – tick! – for sustained and visible circulation benefits! 

TIPS: Trampo-Line is for all ages and fitness levels: just go at your own pace and rest as you need to. This is not a barefoot class: wear sturdy supportive trainers and comfortable activewear. Bring a towel and water with you.

**EXCLUSIVE OFFER** Trampo-Line are offering URBANSWEAT readers 25% OFF their gorgeous original Australian-designed and made activewear range, TLife. Use code URBANSWEAT25 at checkout (valid until 31/07/19). 

Who: Trampo-Line
Where: Shop 1/11-21 Flinders Street, Surry Hills (at Taylor Square, directly opposite Arq nightclub).
Prices: There is currently a limited trial offer of “$8 For 8 Days” of classes for first-time customers (T&C’s apply). Individual classes and discount packs can be purchased and booked online here

(Main photo: Ascend Studios)

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