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Hula hoop fitness

Hula-hooping for fitness… really? We’re so here for it! Spin Joy offers hula hoop classes for all fitness levels – but these are not the hoops you twirled in the backyard as a kid. We spoke to hoop dance instructor Caitlyn Woods:

“A lot of people initially come to hula hoop classes for the obvious – to get a great core workout. For me personally, it was a fun way to exercise and meet new people”, says Caitlyn.

But will it actually get you fit? Hooping is a great cardio workout – you can burn up to 600 calories an hour! The secret to reaping the benefits is buying an adult-sized pro hula hoop. Caitlyn says, “when it comes to hoops, bigger is better. In our classes, we use large weighted hula hoops that are specially manufactured for hula hoop dance.”

It will increase your core stability, flexibility, coordination, and balance, as well as being a fun novelty workout to add into your current rotation. Caitlyn says, “I was suffering from severe gym burnout. I realised exercise didn’t need to be punishment. The fitness element [of hula hooping] actually became secondary and I was inspired to keep practicing, learning and dancing for the sheer joy of it.”

“It has psychological benefits as well including stress reduction and it improves the mind-body connection, which can induce a flow-state. In positive psychology, this is an optimal state for feeling happiness and a sense of meaningfulness in life – meaning that hula hooping makes people really happy!

Find Spin Joy classes in Caringbah, Bexley, Northern Beaches, Parramatta and Newtown. To buy your own pro weighted adult hula hoop, click here.