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Koala Mattress Sydney Harbour

Apparently you have to change your mattress every eight years, though to be honest with the amount of bodily fluids (hello, saliva flow) and dead skins cells we produce every night (hope you’re not eating), we kinda think it should be sooner than that. So following on from our article on ways to sleep better, we thought we’d take one for the team and road test the mattress that is all over our news feeds right now, Koala Mattresses. Here are five thoughts we had during our experience:

1) “Delivered in four hours? That’s random.”
Apparently the guys at Koala sleep less than actual koalas, because within four hours of ordering online, our mattress was in our house, in our living room. We’re not quite sure what would constitute the need for such fast delivery for a mattress… a serious “mattress emergency” we presume, but what ever the reason, if you need a mattress fast, who you going to call? It’s free delivery Australia-wide and delivered in record time for metropolitan areas and soon after for regional folk. So far, so impressed.

2) “What is this small box, is this a mattress for ants?!”
When your mattress arrives, don’t freak out. It comes in a small box, tall but small. It will seem weird, and it won’t make sense, but trust us, it’s about to get fun. Take it out of the box, grab a sharp implement and cut the plastic off. The mattress rolls out and expands within seconds. If you’ve had a slow day, it’ll be pretty exciting. The mattresses are pretty damn sturdy so our advice is to unfold it in your bedroom. Sounds obvious, but we didn’t and had to pull it up two flights of stairs, the day after leg day. Ouch.

3) “And now for the jumping…”
Once rolled out, we did what all adults do when faced with a new mattress; we jumped up and down, rolled around, pretended to sleep, pretended to be the most anoying sleeper in the world (we all know one…). And you know what? It’s comfortable, like really comfortable. And after a week sleeping on it, yep, we like it. It’s squishy, but not too squishy. But if you like your mattresses like planks of wood, or like feathers, and you try a Koala out and think “nah, bro”, it’s all good you can return it free for up to 120 days. Which again is random, why 120 days? But we like it. It’s nice. It makes us feel warm and fuzzy.

4) “OMG they’ve accidently put a dead koala in the box!”
Just kidding, the mattress comes with a fluffy koala toy stuffed into the box that’ll make you the cool uncle or mum when you give it to the closest child. It’s a nice touch, one that can be classified (as above) as giving us the warm and fuzzies. And it’s pretty good instagram fodder.

5) “Stop it. I love you.”
A day after your purchase, no only do the guys at Koala ask how you like it, they also let you know that part of your payment has gone into sponsoring a koala. An actual live koala. You, my friend, have helped save Australia’s most loved mascot. You are basically like Greenpeace. Cue warm and fuzzies.

Sure there is a bunch of other quite useful stuff we could say about price and modern sleep technologies, local manufacturing and everything else, but what we liked most of all was that unlike most companies we deal with these days, the guys at Koala make you feel like they actually care if you like their product. Is that true? Do they care? We have literally no idea, but they made us FEEL like they care. And that’s the point, isn’t it? Well, and the fact that, yes, a new mattress does seriously make you sleep better. It’s cleaner, more comfortable and encourages a letter level of sleep. And that gives us the warm and fuzzies too.


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