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Best running shoes

Running has had somewhat of a resurgence recently with parks and coastlines filled with Sydneysiders covering thousands of kms in their latest activewear. So what better time to test out a pair of high-tech, high-impact running shoes?

Our reviewer, Michael, is a runner who has completed the City to Surf twice, ran the Blackmores Half marathon (with a time he’s pretty proud of) and is a regular on the bay run. He’s not much of a writer, so here’s our selection of his random thoughts regarding his road test of the new UA HOVR™ Machina Running Shoes ($220)!


Best Running Shoes
Next Gen Running

“I usually use a different running app, but I love that these shoes connect to MapMyRun. I didn’t even know shoes could do that and I was really interested to see they could totally record my workout easily and perhaps even more reliably than I could!”

Like running on clouds

“The one thing that surprised me was that I didn’t get any blisters, not even the first time I wore them. They were really comfortable and wearable. In fact, I think my words were that it was like walking ‘on clouds!”

Super supportive

“I like to have shoes that I trust. And I guess, by that I mean that when I exercise, I need them to give me support and know that I’m not going to stress out my ankles. These shoes feel firm in the right places, like around my heels and ankles, but freer in others, like across my toes. Plus, I do like a big thick sole that takes a lot of the impact.”

Zero-gravity feel

“It’s hard to believe how light these shoes are. They seem springy and breathable, and they don’t really feel like I’m wearing trainers, but they seem to bounce back when I run.”


These are just some of the reasons these shoes have caught our attention. The bottom line is that these new UA HOVR’s are super techy, contain amazing materials that seem to give you back the energy that you put in, and they look pretty damn good as well.  Need some new trainers? Check them out here.


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