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Fun workouts in Sydney

Who says adults can’t be kids? Have you ever imagined traveling back to your school playground and playing handball one more time? Or maybe it was duck duck goose that you were just so insistent on winning but didn’t?

Sydney fitness company UrbanRec has just launched ‘Return To Recess’ – a weekly event series takes games from the school playground and turns them into adult-friendly competitions for those wanting to have fun, get fit, and try something different. Each week competitors will compete in a 40-minute long activity, with the games being explained prior to kick off!

During the 10-week season, competitors will play individually, but will have the option of choosing the same time slot as their friends. At the end of the season the points will be tallied up and the ‘King of the Quadrangle’ will be announced.

Interested? Of course, you are.

And no, don’t worry, you don’t have to be an Olympic athlete to compete. In fact, you don’t need ANY skill level at all! The games will be rotated each week, meaning that there will be a wide selection, including anything from handball, tag, netball or even a race around the playground! You can expect to get fit fast by playing like a kid, plus you’ll hit peak distraction and a reminder of games that will have you feeling like you still have the energy of a 10-year-old.

And to top it off, all Urban Rec members will be offered discounts at a range of pubs, so you can celebrate a win (or a loss!) with a few drinks after the game.

Individual registration costs $135 per person, while registering as a team is $525 total. There is a minimum of 5 people on the field, so grab your adult friends and play to throw it back to those playground days!


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