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The Best Beauty Powders

When Youtube sensation and ‘Holistic Health Princess’ Sarah’s Day first brought out her Body Bloom Inner Health and Beauty Powder with Tropeaka  it sold out almost immediately. It’s not surprising really, Day has over a 1.4 million YouTube subscribers and another 1.1 million Instagram followers. But what really prompted everyone to try it was probably the fact that her skin literally glows (on camera at least) and her tummy is flatter than floorboards (despite having an adorable baby).

Beauty Powder for your gut


However, what really got us across the line was the fact that this 100% natural powder, designed to be taken every morning (first thing), not only helps clear your skin but it also works on your inner health as well, namely your gut. It’s packed full of probiotics and prebiotics, including green banana resistant starch powder, Jerusalem artichoke inulin powder and a fermented blend of rich plant-based foods. Plus, it aids in production of collagen and keratinin the body for healthy hair, skin and nails.

Considering the reputation this beauty powder already has… we thought we’d try it out for a few weeks to see what the fuss is all about.

How to have a healthy gut

The Ingredients

The first thing we noticed was that the ingredients list isn’t that long compared to other health powders we’ve tried, which is something we like. And what is there is all organic, non-GMO, naturally gluten-, soy- and dairy-free, and it’s suitable for vegans. Importantly for us, it’s a formula that’s been designed and approved by a nutritionist and a naturopath.  

The Taste

As you might expect considering Day’s Instagram account and the design on the packet, this powder is pink! And it tastes like berries – but it’s not overwhelming. It’s more of a subtle taste. You can add it to smoothies, juice or have it plain in water. We like to put it in ice-cold water for a refreshing drink.

The Verdict

So does it work? Well after three weeks of taking this, we can say that our skin is clearer and plumper and we have less breakouts. And as for our digestion, there’s less bloating and it feels like we have more energy. Plus, we love that taking it every morning helps keep our hydration levels up, and it’s become a morning habit that we’ll definitely be keeping up.


Interested? Try Sarah’s Day Body Bloom with Tropeaka, $67, and let us know what you think!


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