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Healthy Food delivery Services

Cooking healthy feasts every night can be monotonous and expensive… and let’s be honest, home delivered cheesy pizza (and garlicky garlic bread) is only a phone call away. If only someone could home deliver tasty food combos that are good for you! Turns out they can. So we asked dietician Caitlin Reid to trial Sydney’s food delivery services to find out which ones are the healthiest, best value and tastiest choice for you.

My Food Bag
Set menus that you need to cook, with simple recipes and and tasty ingredients 
The brainchild of a dietitian and a chef, My Food Bag requires that you cook your meal, which is great for busy foodies and those who don’t want to eat frozen meals. The focus is on seasonal foods and easy recipes, with the idea that they give you almost everything you need to whip up something tasty in a short amount of time. You need to order online and choose from four different food bags, depending on your tastes and home life – there are options for singles, couples and families. When the food bag arrives, it’s up to you to do the preparation and cooking, which generally takes about 45 minutes. You’ll find out the recipes in advance so you can plan and see if it works for your schedule. Note that pantry staples, like butter, milk, salt and oil, aren’t included, but don’t worry, you’ll be told in advance via an email what you’ll need, including cooking equipment. We reckon the Gourmet Food Bag for two is the way to go if you’re single, because you’ll have left overs for lunch. Bonus.
How it arrives: Your food delivery will arrive in brown bags within a two-hour delivery window (if you’re not home, they text you to let you know it’s there). You have until midnight on a Thursday to finalise your delivery day and time.
Cost: Food bags containing three meals range for singles are $74, four meals for couples are $139 and five meals for families are $159. Delivery is free, but right now they are offering $45 off your first delivery

Vacuum-sealed, fresh meals that can be kept in the fridge for 7-9 days
Youfoodz offers a pretty extensive range of meal plans to choose from (everything from weight loss to weight gain), and their website is easy to use. If you don’t go for one of the meal plans, the not-so-healthy options (BBQ wings with chips, anyone?) might distract you. While the vegetarian options are few and far between, a new meal is added to the menu every couple of weeks to stop you getting bored. Meals are delivered fresh and are oxygen-sealed, so if you work late you can save it for up to a week in the fridge.  You can select pre-set meal plans and if it’s not exactly the way you like it, you can customise your order by adding and removing products. Our pick is the Muscle Gainer meal plan, as it has lots of protein, tasty snacks and is great for gym junkies.
How it arrives: In a polystyrene esky with ice. Meals are left at your front door (or work place) from 9am on Wednesdays and Fridays.
Cost: There’s a minimum spend of $69, which will give you seven meals and free delivery (for a limited time). Five-day meal plans (10 meals) start from $99.50, while a 7-day meal plan (21 meals) will set you back $208.95.

Eat Fit Food
Fresh, ready-to-eat meals that may sometimes need heating up and cooking
The preprepared meals form Eat Fit Food are great for work lunches and weekday dinners. Some meals require you to cook the protein elements of the meal, but most just require 2-4 minutes in the microwave. There’s a big focus on weight loss and eating clean, and the menus are set with generally two-three options for each meal and each snack. This option might be a little more pricey than some others, but there’s no prep involved, all you have to do is put it in the microwave (or oven) and you’re done. If you’re interested, you can check out the Eat Fit Farm via their website to see where their organic produce is grown. We love the high-protein Clean + Lean five-day plan. It’s focus is on trying to help you create new healthy eating habits.
How it arrives: Meals arrive in an insulated cooler bag containing ice bricks on Monday, Wednesday and/or Fridays between 12am-7am (CBD deliveries are made between 8am-10.30am). Leave your empty cooler bags out for pick-up the night before your next order is due. You’ll need to give them a key or swipe card for secure buildings.
Cost: There’s a minimum order of $120 (five meals), with delivery costing $7 per day. Meal plans start from $375 (for five days). First time orders are also charged a non-refundable $35 for the cooler bag, ice brick, security tag and administration fees.

Pre-made frozen and some fresh meals you can store for a later day if needed 
Dietlicious offer kilojoule-controlled meal plans that include all three meals, snacks and smoothies. Choose from 1200, 1500 and 1800 calorie plans, including a ‘Cleanse’ option that hovers around 1100 calories. Meals are delivered frozen, which means that you can keep them for another day if you go out, and there are a range of programs and individual meal choices including vegetarian and gluten free. Place your frozen main meal in the fridge the night before so it defrosts prior to cooking as it tastes better that way. Our choice is the 1200 calorie vegetarian plan as it includes lots of smoothies, curries, soup and a burger.
How it arrives: Everything is packed in an insulated box. As the main meals are frozen, you’ll need to remember to put them in your freezer asap. Vegetables and salads arrive fresh and should be stored in your fridge.
Cost: There’s a minimum spend of $50 per order. You’ll also be charged a delivery fee, which varies depending on where you live and whether you require regular or express delivery. If you live near Brookvale you can also pick up your meals from their head office.

Still want takeaway? Our suggestion is Foodora, where you can order healthy meals from some of our favourite Sydney restaurants: Earth to Table, Real Food Connection, Sadhana Kitchen and others. Check out their website for other options.


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