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As an adult, exercise becomes just another point on your never-ending to-do list, right? Ugh. So why not shake things up and have some F.U.N? Scratch the usual things like going to the gym again or running around the block before dinner (BOR-ing!). We’ve all together the ultimate list of Sydney six best workouts for the young-at-heart:

Sure, Skyzone looks like it’s a place for kids to kill a few hours with mindless bouncing on wall-to-wall trampolines – but have YOU ever given it a go? Non-stop jumping on a trampoline is actually HARD work – Skyzone’s all-ages ‘Skyfit’ classes will leave you dripping with sweat. It’s a way to put some fun back into your fitness and is a full-body workout. And the best part: it’s only 30-45 minutes out of your busy day (squeeze it in at lunch, no excuses!). Skyfit is exclusive to Skyzone Alexandria so head on over for a fitness class that will leave you ‘bouncing’ with energy (get it??).

Maybe aerobics is more your bag? Or you just love sweating it out to Michael Jackson, the Pointer Sisters, Prince and The Police. Retrosweat has your back – burn calories and tone up in an old-school aerobics class complete with your fave retro tunes! Dress up to really get into the groove, and reap the coordination, confidence, and flexibility benefits of this killer workout. 

Ever dreamed of running away to join the circus? Sydney Circus Arts will make all your childhood dreams come true as you soar through the air on a flying trapeze! No need to be afraid of heights  –  you’ll be strapped into your super-snug safety harness and there’s a huge net the size of a small suburb underneath you at all times. Master the knee hang, backflip and catch… and get fit at the same time!

AFTER DARK FUN: No Lights No Lycra
You know the saying ‘dance like there’s nobody watching’? Well, now you actually can! At No Lights No Lycra you can dance your crazy embarrassing heart out in complete darkness! Apart from a few emergency exit signs, the room will be completely pitch black so you can really let loose (nobody needs to see that). Tickets are $7-$12 with locations at Newtown, Bondi, Darlinghurst, Parramatta or Manly. 

ROMCOM PERFECTION: Centennial Park Tandem Bike
You’ve seen it in your favourite rom-com and it looks like so much cruisy fun, but have you ever actually tried it IRL? Don’t be fooled, it’s way harder than it looks! You’ll need coordination, energy, stamina and be prepared to fall off.. a lot! (This is why it’s meant to be done with somebody you love… grrrr). Hire a bike for $25, and you get it for an entire hour so you can take it for a spin around the 3.7km track. It’s an unexpectedly tough workout, and it’s really all about trusting the other person on the bike not to let you fall or tip you both over. You’ll need good teamwork to hit the ground running… or should I say, cycling!

Maybe you’re better in a group, and want to throw it back to primary schoolyard sports days? Urban Rec encourages adults to register for comps like dodgeball, mixed netball, street soccer and flag grid-iron and many more. It’s perfect for kidults who want to try a new sport, but are afraid they’ll suck! You’ll get to meet new people, stay active and have tonnes of fun. UrbanRec isn’t only about the sport, but they also have regular social nights, tournaments, season-enders, parties and fun runs. Not to mention discounts at the local pubs…


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