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Nightclub Spin Flow Athletic Sydney

While spin has been been around for a long time, it’s recently undergone a small makeover. Gone are the stock-standard classes where you knew every move. Now a new wave of pop up, fusion and visual classes are appearing across Sydney. And they are all worthy of a sweatfest session – so we say, strap on your shoes, fill up your water bottle and check out all seven of these spin classes on our radar!

Athlete Lab, CBD
If you don’t love traditional spin bikes and are looking for some serious training classes, Athlete Lab in the city is perfect for you. They use real (mounted) bikes in their classes, complete with real gears and access to accurate real-time data; power metrics, heart rate, cadence, TSS and other key metrics. You can also fit your bike like your road bike so you can protect your back and your knees, and it’ll help if you’re training for a race.

Nightclub Spin, Darling Harbour
Mix spin with epic beats and the dancefloor of a nightclub, and you’ve got a pretty awesome night out. Flow Athletic will be hosting their next Nightclub Spin events on 10th/ 11th  May (pictured). Rocking beats will be provided by DJ Shamrock, plus a little lighting and smoke, all designed to provide you with a tough workout from one of the country’s best spin instructors, Ben Lucas. There will be eight classes of 40 people over two days – book your ticket now.

Pelotone, Bella Vista
With a studio that’s more like a day spa, Pelotone is serious about its cycling. This cycle-dedicated gym is one of Sydney’s best and everyone form the reception to your teacher is friendly – no gymtimidation here! The coaches are all ex-athletes, Olympians and skilled cyclists who’ll help you train for an event, or perfect your technique., and they include a few extras as well in the class price. Namely, Shimano cycling shoes, the lockers, towels, energy snacks, infused water, and coffee machine. You can also get a free 15-min newbies session before your class to make sure your technqiue is a-ok.

Ruben’s, Marrickville
Sure, Ruben’s has everything you’d expect in a spin class – modern bikes, pumping beats and shouty-encouraging trainers, but what’s more impressive is their wholistic approach to wellbeing. So after you do your spin class, you can book in a massage in their dedicated massage space, or follow it up with dynamic yoga, SFX training or boxing class. The staff are all dedicated to the cause… the cause being your health, and they are uber friendly. As their fans say Ruben’s is ‘not a gym, it’s a lifestyle’.

Scenic Cycle, CBD and Manly
Not only do you get to enjoy an incredible full body workout at Scenic Cycle (they often use hand weights in at least one track), but you also get to leave Sydney temporarily while you get immersed in the large digital screen infront of you. Scenic Cycle’s ridiculously enthusiastic instructors will take you to every corner of the globe, from the hills climbs through the French Alps, to the beautiful sunsets in San Francisco. Enjoy a holiday while you spin your way around the globe!

Flow Athletic, Paddington
Not sure if you’re quite up for a full spin class? Book into Bike Asana at Flow Athletic and you’ll do a fast-paced 30 minutes on the bike, then you’ll switch it up and do a further 30 minutes on the mat for an asana yoga class. What sounds counter-intuative is actually a brilliant mix of heart-pounding cardio and calming yoga. You’ll feel fit and Zen by the end of it.

Viscious Cycle, Kensington
The guys at Viscious Cycle offer classes are tough, sweaty and a bunch of fun – the lights are turned off, neo fluro glows everywhere and the music is turned right up! To get fit fast try their ‘Abs and Cycle’ or ‘Butt and Cycle’ classes, where you’ll move between the bikes and the floor in a Tabata style workout over eight rounds. You’ll get an all body workout, plus you’ll sculpt your abs and your bum. Bonus.


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