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Beauty Skin Scrubs

Depending on your sport of choice, your skin has to fight the elements just as much as your muscles do. And as the winter hastily turns to spring, the true cost of  winter workouts and, well, living in yoga leggings and woollen jumpers is pretty clear to see (and feel). So we sent beauty director Sarah Brooks-Wilson off to get naked. She tried all the best scrubs on the market to create this shortlist of scrubs that’ll get your skin super soft once again.

Sanitary SpaSanctuary Spa Hot Sugar Scrub,$19.95
Good for: Body prepping for a fake tan
Why we love it: If you haven’t got time to nip off to the mud baths, try this thermal scrub instead. We loved how the thermal zeolite warmed the skin and the kaolin clay helped to draw out impurities. This isn’t a scratchy scrub thanks to the fine organic sugar, which gently buffs away dead skin leaving it refined and velvety soft. If you’re thinking about fake tanning, this is a good scrub to prep the skin, as it doesn’t contain oil, which can make tans go patchy. A good winter warmer.

Body Scrubs that workFrank Body Original Body Scrub, $14.95 
Good for: An energising skin boost
Why we love it: Need a quick caffeine fix before you leave the house? Slather this baby over your skin as part of your morning shower and the ground coffee beans will not only smooth out those little lumps and bumps but the sweet almond oil and sea salt will give your skin an instant hit of vitamins which help to fight dryness and fine lines. The only thing we didn’t like about this scrub was that it was messy. But, we can forgive it for the glowing, peachy skin it gave afterwards. Best to use in a shower cubical so you can contain the mess. But if not, enjoy the coffee aroma.Tonic-Body-PolisherClarins Tonic Body Polisher, $48
Good for: Recreating the spa experience at-home.
Why we love it: Thanks to the potent essential oils of rosemary and mint that permeate the minute you open the package and the luxurious creamy texture of the sugar and salt, it makes quick work of nourishing dry skin. It’s slightly on the spenny side, but a little goes along way and the fact that it leaves your skin smooth as a baby’s bum for days afterwards you’ll only need to use it once a week.

Sukin-Renewing-Body-ScrubSukin Renewing Body Scrub, $12.95
Good for: Sensitive skins that could do with a hydrating boost.
Why we love it: If you love natural products, this is for you. Packed full of skin loving natural ingredients like Aloe Vera, coconut and jojoba oil plus antioxidants of green tea, rose hip and vitamin E, it leaves skin super soft, but without the nasties like parabens. This one is particularly good if your skin is showing signs of ageing as the collagen boosting ingredients really do reinvigorate and plump up the skin.Adv-AHA-Cosmeceuticals-Invigorating-Face-&-Body-Scrub-copyPriori Invigorating Face and Body Scrub, $59
Good for: Dry sun damaged, oily skin that is showing signs of ageing.
Why we love it: If you want to continue your anti ageing regime below your face, then reach for this scrub as it contains potent AHA’s (alpha hydroxy acids) which gently dissolve dead skin as opposed to physically scrubbing it off. Don’t let the acid scare you, as chemical scrubs like this help to fade pigmentation, even out skin tone and smooth out fine lines, much the same as it does in face products. We love the skin tingling peppermint oils and while it’s not cheap, it will do more than just exfoliate. Use twice a week to really tackle those skin problems, but if it does irritate your skin (which AHA’s sometimes can) only use it once a week.

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