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Who: MeFit Outdoor Bootcamp
Where: Cronulla beach
What is it: Outdoor bootcamp
What they say: “There’s no need to cower, boot camp is no longer only for those hard-bodied ultra-fit and mentally tough gym junkies. You don’t even have to be a seasoned pavement pounder or frequent gym-goer to join our Boot Camp Programs in the Sutherland Shire.”

What Urbansweat says:
These outdoor boot camp classes are incredibly varied and the best part is, you don’t know what you’ll be doing until you arrive. From running the sand dunes, sweating up a storm as you box on the beach to even the occasional swim, your fitness will be tested. And the best part is, it’s tailored towards your own fitness level so whether you’re super fit or not, you’ll still be challenged. On your first session, you’ll go through a fitness test which will see how long it takes you to do a small run and how many push-ups, sit-ups etc. you can do and then, at the end of the camp, you’ll be measured again. Mike, the trainer, doesn’t scream at you like other trainers but he will push you. He’s beyond lovely and very enthusiastic plus, he’s incredibly knowledgeable so should you have any injuries or problems, he’ll always find an alternative for you. Turn up wearing your joggers but given you’re on the beach for some exercises, you’ll probably find yourself going barefoot time-to-time. There aren’t change rooms (because you’re exercising outdoors) but ensure you bring a towel to lie on for some of the exercises. Be aware that in the middle of summer, there are many other camps training down so it can become quite crowded.
Drop in or membership: $39.95 for unlimited sessions a week


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