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Michelle Bridges

She is to fitness what Jamie Oliver is to cooking… an unstoppable force of inspiration encouraging us to get (and stay) fitter and healthier. Since she became a regular on TV and magazine covers back in 2007 with The Biggest Loser, Michelle Bridges has established Australia’s best-known 12-week body transformation programme, written several books, designed her own activewear label, and now she’s launching a healthy ready-made meal line with Woolworths called Delicious Nutritious. We sat down with her to find out all her Sydney secrets…

Healthy eating vegan sydney

Earth to Table, Bondi Junction

So, to start with, what’s your favourite healthy brunch spot?
I’d have to say Earth to table  – its raw and vegan, not that I’m a vegan, but what I love is the relentless exploration these guys have with food! It’s amazing and shows you what can be achieved with creativity!

Where do you like to work out? 
Anywhere I have time!!!! Indoor, outdoor, I’m open to it all, it’s more about not having to rush my workouts… which is pretty much all of them unfortunately. That’s why I’m such a believer in the weekend workout or the holiday workout, it’s about the practice not the end result. 

Best swimming beaches sydney Neilsen Park

Nielsen Park, Vaucluse

Your go-to swimming beach? 
I’m going to give you my second choice, as my first is top secret! Nielsen Park in Vaucluse is beautiful and it’s also close to where we live. The special thing about a ‘go to’ is its proximity. It’s very child friendly and very pretty. Its also handy there’s a cafe there in case you need a coffee!

Do you go bush or coastal walking?
We love exploring. In fact we’ve tried to keep up a bit of a tradition where we go exploring on a Sunday. Back packs on, pick a starting point and go. It’s such a creative and imaginative thing to do, as it reminds us of our childhood and exploring the great unknown. The kids love it, but secretly it’s us who are feeling like kids again.

Where would we find you on a Saturday morning?
Either in the gym or elbow deep in cooking eggs and toast for the troops.

Healthy eating Sydney, Bruce Leaves Alexandria

Bruce Leaves, Alexandria

Sydney’s best healthy lunch cafe?
There are plenty of healthy cafes in Sydney! About Life (in various places around the city) do some great food and have incredible choices. Bruce Leaves in Alexandria do clever salads.  It’s all down to what happens come order time… most of us kind of know the things we should order for good health and the things that we can order once in a while.

Do you have a favourite workout outfit?
It’s all about the conditions for me. NOT aesthetics. I need to be able to train without being anymore uncomfortable than I already am. I don’t want to have to worry about being over heated or freezing cold. The last thing on my mind is what I look like. I’m probably short tights or shorts. Singlet or crop if it’s really hot. And a cap. If it’s cold then I’m fully kitted up as I equally can’t stand being cold. Long tights, puffer vest, beanie! Definitely no makeup! 

Day trips from Sydney Kangaroo Valley

Kangaroo Valley, Southern Highlands

Your favourite view of Sydney?
Beside the view of my son…! Two of my favourites would be Tamarama beach and further south the Green Rolling hills of the southern highlands. There’s also a magic, which spills off the harbour.

Your top healthy eating tip?
Stop eating with an attitude of ‘I deserve it’. Be mindful of the choices you make both nutritionally and ethically. Stop eating like it’s the last supper. Be mindful that food brings people together. It’s the people not the food that brings real joy. We all know what life is like, no matter how prepared we’d like to be, sometimes we don’t have time to cook the meals we want. My top healthy eating tip would be to ensure that when life gets busy, you are still eating healthy and balanced meals. I’ve worked with all kinds of people over the years, busy mums through to shift workers, and we all know that this can be a challenge. So rather than being overwhelmed by the pressure of having to cook from scratch 365 days a year, why not have a backup plan? My new Delicious Nutritious range is an option for those times when you want to enjoy a nutritionally balanced meal that tastes good, without the preparation time. [Hungry? Check out Michelle’s recipe for healthy passionfruit cheesecake pots!]

And finally, your top ultimate fitness tip?
JFDI… whatever IT is. Get going. Anything is better than sitting on the couch!


Michelle Bridges
Michelle Bridges’ Delicious Nutritious range is available exclusively in Woolworths stores, the meals are designed to help people eat a balanced meal with the right combination of protein, whole grains and vegetables while having less than 450 calories per meal. You can find them now in the deli aisle. 


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