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Urbansweat Sydney Personal Trainer

We’re a friendly bunch, here at URBANSWEAT Sydney HQ! And we thought we’d share a little bit about ourselves. Each week we’ll bring you a new interview from someone in the team, and this week, it’s this guy. The uber fit Alex Georgeou!

Personal Trainer Sydney Urbansweat

A Health and Strength Coach at North Sydney’s Base Gym, Alex is all about high-level physique coaching (including nutrition), and developmental mindset coaching. He’s coached Australian pro tennis players, international models, professional ballroom dancers and elite sports models. And not surprisingly, looking at his picture *ahem* prior to becoming a health and strength he spent time modelling in Australia and overseas, working with brands such as Calvin Klein, L’Oreal Paris and Guess.

Gyms in North Sydney

Where is your go-to gym in Sydney?
“The gym I’m in love with training at is Base Gym. Why? Because it’s my home, well I work there but basically it’s my second home haha. The equipment in the gym is world class, literally, and it has such an amazing atmosphere for anyone who truly takes their training seriously.”

What’s your favourite workout?
“My favourite workout would have to be strength training. There’s a lot to say about lifting heavy weights. It is great for bone health, muscle development, cardiovascular health (yes, you heard right) and studies are now showing it even improves cognitive function and abilities (yes, you heard right again). So you get healthy, strong and smart!”

Health eating Sydney

Where do you go for a healthy breakfast or lunch?
“Breakfast would have to be my favourite meal of the day so we’ll go with that. A healthy breakfast which tastes a little naughty can be found at Hale and Hearty Pancakes (near Waterloo, Sydney). Their pancakes are to die for! They have protein pancakes, vegan pancakes and so many more options, the best thing is the pancakes are actually healthy. Please, next time you’re there order the red velvet pancakes for me (see above!). Yum! … and if you want to be extra naughty order some bacon on top ;)”

Your favourite Sydney view?
“On top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge watching the sunset.”

Alex Gerogeou and Kat Grundy

Your girlfriend Kat Grundy is amazingly fit (and gorgeous!), what have you learned from her? “Haha! Thank you, I’ll let her know. Where do I start, well she has to be one of the most disciplined people I know when it comes to training and nutrition. A great take away from her is if you’re consistent (I mean really consistent) and committed to a goal without deviation it’s almost always attainable. Another really valuable take away is nutrition has to be one of the most important factors when changing your body composition. I teach this to all my clients but I really get to see it in action time and time again when my partner competes in bikini competitions. Also, I’ve learnt that I should always clean up my dishes or else I’m in trouble ;)”

Your favourite beach?
“For Sydney I would have to say Bondi Beach, there’s so much happening and the community is so friendly.”

Aelex-Gerogeou Hot Air Balloon

Where is the best day trip in or out of Sydney?
“My partner and I recently got back from the Hunter Valley where we went hot air ballooning and, oh my god, it was amazing with the early morning sunrise, the valley fog and the view. I highly recommend it, if you’re looking to do something different outside of Sydney.”

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