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Alkaliser Cafe Campbelltow 900 x 600

Here at URBANSWEAT we get excited by any new restaurant, especially if it’s tasty as hell and unbeliveably healthy. So imagine our excitement when we recently discovered our new favourite wellness restaurant, Alkalizer, in Campbelltown. Not only does it have big, chunky beautiful salads and a crazy-good healthy breakfast and lunch menu but it’s also got a pretty awesome ethos behind.

Sheflai Pall, one of the owners, explains it as “we try to spread positivity through holistic food by balancing, nourishing, renewing and energising our customers.” Now that seems pretty nice doesn’t it? Luckily to back up that lofty statement, this south west Sydney restaurant serves up huge portions of freshly cooked food in all kinds of flavour-bomb combinations.

When we went for Saturday lunch, the cafe was a calm haven. As we had just hiked in nearby Dharawal National Park (beautiful views and almost deserted), Shefali suggested we start with an Electrolyte Refresher drink. Filled with coconut water, mint, cucumber and lime, it was better than any Gatorade and it gave us a moment to read the endless menu. We settled on a Super Charger Salad (baby spinach, grilled eggplant, avocado, roasted pumpkin, chilli, orange, pear and cherry tomatoes) as well as the healthy seafood spread. The salad was a lovely mixture of sweetness and savoury, with just the right touch of spice, and the seafood platter was filled with a bunch of new healthy ways to present tiger prawns, calamari, scallops and fish.

We finished up with a pure Belgian hot chocolate with creamy cashew milk, because we are obviously still 12-year-olds at heart. If you’re not into hot chocolate (what??), look out for the Alkalizer hand-crafted chocolate with goji berries.

But that is only a handful of the things they serve up, check out their menu (and epic breakfast items) for more.

91 Queen Street
0423 247 422
Or follow them on Facebook here.