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Yoga is the buzz word right now. It sells hundreds of leggings, sports bras, mats, and online courses, and is one of the most popular workouts on multi-class pass websites such as Classpass, Bodypass and Anyclass. However, the majority of the new boutique studios, websites and classes are actually geared towards women. And while that’s pretty great, yoga is amazing for the female body after all, it does leave out, you know, 50% of the population.

That’s where BOYS OF YOGA comes in. Forget the kale smoothies, soothing music and pastel-coloured activewear, they say, and bring on strength and flexibility on and off the mat. “Guys do yoga too. Normal guys that watch football on the weekends. It doesn’t make you less of a man; it makes you a better one. You just need to be man enough to be open to that,” says founder Michael Wong.

Originating in London, the BOYS OF YOGA crew now extends to over 75 yoga-loving men from around the world, including Sydney-based Duncan Peak, Adam Whiting, and Benny Gould. Their philosophy is simple, “Yoga is a culture and a lifestyle, not just a practice. And it creates a community of the like-minded. The deeper you go, the more it pulls you in. What started as a casual conversation about how guys are seen as the secondary citizens in the yoga scene, has turned into a movement to challenge the way we view yoga in the Western world today.”

As a group of dedicated yogis, they offer a community to connect with (check out their instagam and FB pages), as well as free online yoga classes and yoga events around the world. And next up, the boys are coming to Sydney and Melbourne in February with a yoga and beats roadshow.

The Sydney event is located in a warehouse on the harbour. Expect yoga, epic music and a truckload of good eats. Grab your tickets here.

And if you can’t make that event, check out one of the Sydney yoga studios where these yogis teach. Our favourite is Bondi Yoga House, with Ben Gould. If you’re feeling like you need a lift, look out for their urban retreats. You’ll find us at their next one!