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Tips for Tough Mudder Sydney

Are you feeling nervous about competing in the upcoming 2019 Tough Mudder race in November? Not sure what to eat beforehand, or how to go about not participating in a certain obstacle? We spoke to Bulk Nutrients Ambassador and Marketing Manager, Brodie West (the official sports nutrition partner for Tough Mudder Australia), to answer all of your questions!

So, Brodie, what should we expect on the day?
“You will start in waves to ensure for a smooth flow throughout the course. This means people will arrive at each obstacle at different times. You can work individually or as a team, and that’s what Tough Mudder is all about! There is something really nice about bonding over a shared challenge – especially when you achieve success upon completion!?”

What are the essential details we need to know about?
Completing the course depends on your fitness levels and how many people are on your team. It can take between two to four hours to complete the Tough Mudder Full as there can be hundreds of people in each wave. The Tough Mudder Half can take between 1½ to 2½ hours to complete. It’s certainly not for the faint of heart! Prepare to get very muddy, extremely sweaty and gather tape your shoes to your feet/legs. You don’t want to lose your shoe trying to get through mud, as it’s a very long course to run barefoot!”

Ahh. That obstacle just doesn’t look like it’s for me – is there a way I don’t have to do it?
“Although Tough Mudder is an awesome challenge, it’s not a race, nor is it about getting a better time than other participants. If you want to skip an obstacle, you can opt to use the bypass lane. You are there to have fun and challenge yourself. If you think a particular obstacle really isn’t for you, then you are encouraged to continue on your way to the next obstacle.”

Ok, so I don’t want to carry a water bottle throughout the course, how will I get water?
“There are drink stations throughout the course and even a Bulk Nutrients hydration station providing electrolyte+ at the halfway mark! You’ll be able to rest and recharge as you hydrate yourself, and then continue on to complete the course! There will also be water stations to help wash off all of the mud on your body!”

I’ve considered using supplements before… do they really work?
“Sports supplements provide a really convenient way to deliver important nutrients the body needs to perform at its best and assist with faster recovery. “If you have been considering supplementing and not quite sure where to start, there’s a very handy blog that can help you find the products to best suit your diet or training program. Supplementing will help you power through hard training sessions and help you reach your goals faster.”

And what about protein powder?
“Protein powder is an incredibly cost-effective way for your body to quickly absorb essential amino acids to help with growth, repair, and recovery. Protein is essential for building muscle, repairing muscle after training and can also help keep you fuller for longer! It’s also very convenient for a post workout shake and can be easily added to smoothies and baking to increase the protein content.

Feel prepared yet? Get ready to take your ever-so-loved childhood game of stuck in the mud to reality and compete in the Tough Mudder!

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