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Here at URBANSWEAT we’re BIG animal-lovers. Must. Pat. All. Of. The. Dogs. To us our fur babies are family, and taking care of their emotional and psychological wellbeing is a priority. So, with the increasing popularity of holistic medicine and new age therapies for humans, we wanted to know if these kinds of treatments would help our pooches! Enter Pet Gemz, the first Australian company to specialise in pet gemstone therapy (yes really!) – think crystal healing accessories and charms for our four-legged friends.

Their range features inter-changeable gemstone crystal charms (both natural and semi-precious) designed to draw on the ancient practice of crystal healing. Charms can be mixed and matched as needed, simply snapping onto specially-designed pet collars, or clipping onto leads or harnesses.


Charms easily clip onto collars & leashes. (Image: @petgemz)

Each gemstone has its own unique therapeutic properties, so pet owners can tailor them to their animal’s specific needs and moods. Here’s our mini guide to how crystals could help your pet:

Rose Quartz
Best for: Calming fearful, angry, aggressive pets
Why: Is said to open the Heart Chakra. Would be great to try for animals that “bristle” with fear, anxiety or nervousness (and suffer from the associated muscle tension or rigidity). Could help heal animals suffering from previous trauma, abuse or cruelty.

Best for: Pets suffering from separation anxiety
Why: Is known for its general calming energy. Could help ease your pet’s angst at being separated from a loved one (like when a fellow long-term companion pet passes away; if you leave them to go away on holiday; even if you leave them to go to work each day). Sounds like it would be good for stressful puppy-training situations too!

Green Jade
Best for: Comforting nervy, overly-timid and sensitive pets
Why: Green is the colour of the heart chakra and helps with energy blockages in this area. Said to boost resilience to stressful situations, help heal emotional scars, soothe fears and increase confidence.

Best for: Soothing anxious, highly-strung dogs that bark a lot
Why: A great overall balancing and calming stone. A good protection stone that encourages peace of mind, as well as boosting immunity and increasing natural healing.


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