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It seems like every day there’s another hybrid workout, fitness philosophy or shiny new diet, but which ones are here to stay? We asked some of Australia’s fittest athletes and experts to predict which trends will go the distance.

Strength training
This year is all about being fierce and strong with boxing and running. I think we will be seeing a surge in boxing classes or boxing incorporated PT sessions as it’s a fantastic workout. I also think running will increase in 2017 with a lot more people opting for a run over a gym membership and therefore people will be signing up to do more fun runs with friends which will create an increase in fun run events. It is going to be a fiercely fit year if my predictions are on track. Elite gymnast Lauren Hannaford, IsoWhey ambassador and creator of Functional High Intensity Training (FHIT)

Virtual training
While gym memberships can be costly, adding a personal trainer can be financial suicide, but with virtual training (via apps), you get personalised service for a lower price. There are apps that can track your fitness and depending on how you rate each workout they can suggest the next best work out for you. As in the past two years, we’ve seen Fitbits and other devices that help track our fitness and there is no way this will slow down in 2017.  Jade Sutcliffe, Former Ironwoman and athlete

Ninja Warrior Training
Similar to the Ninja Warrior television series, I expect these kinds of classes to be a huge craze. This kind of intense physical training allows people to challenge themselves, and warriors are nothing if not fierce!  Wes Berg, Professional Ironman & IsoWhey Sports athlete

Female-focused fitness
Recently there has been a rise of highly influential female body positive professionals. This and the fact that  there has been an increase in female specific research, mean’s we’ll see more and more programs and websites dedicated to women’s training and health. Personal Trainer Nardia Norman, IsoWhey athlete

The idea of ‘total wellness’ 
We, as an industry, are starting to place more of an emphasis on ‘total wellness’ compared to just ‘fitness’. The concept of ‘mind/body/soul’ will encourage more people to look for all-in-one centres that feature both traditional and non-traditional health services, as well as facilities that allow different training sessions, all under the one roof. Small group training will continue to be the main growth market within the fitness space as it combines both the coaching and ‘community’ element, and we’ll also see an introduction of ‘hybrid training’, which looks at broaden physical capacity. Strength & Conditioning Manager Rob Jackson, Melbourne Football Club

Conscious eating
In recent times, people have become more conscious food shoppers and are choosing sustainably sourced options. Eating well is about filling up on plenty of nutrients but it is also important to look after the environment to ensure the food you eat is nourishing, in all senses of the word. The sustainable food trend has been growing steadily for a few years but it is set to breakthrough into the mainstream in 2017. Nutritionist Lyndi Cohen, Huon Salmon ambassador


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