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Sydney's Best meal delivery services

It’s a battle as old as time (almost). How to eat healthy food, when you roll home after a long day with the least amount of energy expelled or money spent. Here in the URBANSWEAT offices, it’s a battle that we fight daily… hello, takeaways and toasties. So when Thr1ve asked us if we’d like to trial a week of their new healthy meal delivery service, we said yes… very, very quickly.

There are a lot of meal delivery services out there, especially for Sydney. We even wrote an article about some of the best healthy ones, but Thr1ve has really out done themselves. Why? Well, you’ll just have to go inside our heads as we went through our trial. Here are some of the thoughts we had…

1)  “Well, that’s pretty eco-conscious.”
It’s pretty great that our package was sitting quietly waiting for us when we got to the office, but that’s standard for home delivery services, right? But what isn’t is that Thr1ve’s meals are packed in super eco-friendly packaging that is made from 100% woollen off cuts. The stuff that’s usually thrown away. It’s also really insulated so our meals were in perfect condition. Here’s proof:

Sydney's Best healthy meal deliveries

2) “So many choices, but do they taste any good?”
Thr1ve serve up gluten free, paleo meals, so they focus on whole foods that are hormone and chemical free. But apart from that, they have some pretty awesome choices for meals. The website has them listed and you can filter it by allergies which is handy. They come (nearly) ready to eat, you just have to cook them for 2-3 mins in the microwave. We liked to empty the contents into bowls before we microwaved them, but that’s a personal choice.

3) “Umm… this is food from the (healthy) gods.”
Indeed. The food is good. Really good. It doesn’t taste like pre-frozen ready meals, it tastes *fresh* and healthy but is actually really delicious. The meals are on the slightly small side, but they fill you up. And they taste good. Did we mention that? Our favourites were Coconut Fish Curry with Brown Rice and Quinoa (total winner – see below), Jerk Chicken Breast with Seasonal Greens and the Teriyaki Salmon with Clean and Green Veg. They also have some epic beef and lamb meals.

Best Meal delivery services in Sydney

4) “No thanks, I’m not hungry”
Yep, that’s right. When we had the Thr1ve meals for lunch, we didn’t get the whole 3pm-snack-urges thing. The brown rice/ quinoa and protein mixes in the meals really filled us up. Same with dinner, we didn’t need any late-night snacks to tide us over.

5) “Try it. Seriously. TRY IT.”
It’s a little hard not to be that annoying person who wants EVERYONE to try their new discovery (hence this article). Thr1ve health meals were delicious (and healthy). Full stop. And because we loved the food so much, we most definitely became that person. The Jerk Chicken and Seasonal Greens is pictured below. Just saying. TRY IT. Seriously.

Sydney's healthiest cafes

And we’ve got an offer! Get $25 off your first order by using the code URBANSWEAT. Try it, if you’re interested. They have an $89 Hero Box that includes six meals, three snacks, two protein mixtures and a shaker. It’s pretty snazzy. Check it out here. And while you’re here, why don’t you do yourself a solid and sign up to our newsletter? It’s packed full of fitness events, reviews, active travel, recipes, discounts and competitions!