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Peloton Review

You’ve heard the hype… fitness empire Peloton has landed in Australia. With over 6.6 million people on their platform right now and roughly 125.25 million workouts completed quarterly (whaaat?), the Peloton empire is growing fast. And now, you can get your sweaty little hands on a bike in Australia and basically make your bedroom/ loungeroom/ garage into your own personal gym.

Here at URBANSWEAT we like to put ourselves right in the action, so to understand why Peloton is huge around the world our Editor Lucy decided to do a 90-day trial of Peloton Bike+. Here are her top five reasons for loving what Peloton offers.

1. It’s so convenient

Once you set up your bike (and you will need a little bit of room), everything you’ll look for is in arm’s reach. You have the huge anti-reflective touchscreen that swivels a full 360 degrees, a bottle/ phone holder, hand weights that sit neatly under your seat and every option of handlebars you could want. Plus, the obvious comment is that the commute to your “gym” is just down the hallway, rather than a short drive away, and the fact that workouts start at 10-15 minutes means you can fit a quick one in just about any time.

2. You’ll love the instructors (and the music)

There’s a reason that Peloton instructors are famous. After all, they are mentioned in TV shows, and have cult followings…. Why? Well, there is literally an instructor to suit everyone – whether you need someone to gee you up and get your heart pumping, or a trainer to calm you down with a soothing ride, you’ll find one. The best way to find your perfect instructor (and workout) is to choose by music. My personal go-to is any 20-min workout with 90’s music. I need a little Salt N Pepa to get me going…

Peloton Review
Our Editor testing out Peloton (this is not her house...she wishes this was her house.)
Peloton Review
The Peloton Bike+ is all its glory.

3. Your whole household can use it

This one was big for me, because my partner is a total spin junkie and his kind of workout is not my kind of workout. Luckily, Peloton offers the option for different log ins so all my favourite workouts, my personal data and my fitness history is saved just for me. It makes it super easy to work out quickly as I have my go-tos saved and ready to go. There’s options for differing fitness levels as well, so whether you live with housemates or family, it’s suitable for everyone.

4. It fits into your schedule

Yep! Not only can you join a live workout held somewhere exotic around the world, at pretty much any time of day (there’s something really fun about being a part of a live workout), but you can also search through the catalogue of work outs to find something that suits your timing and energy levels. Which means that if you want to squeeze in a 10-minute class before bed, you can. It’s always available to you.

5. It’s not just a spin class

Now this really surprised me. As well as on-demand and live cycling, Peloton offer Scenic Rides through beautiful landscapes (Big Sur, anyone?) – something a tired mind will find meditative. And off the bike, Peloton offers strength, yoga, meditation, cardio, running, walking, stretching, and Bootcamp. There’s so many options that if you need a bit of a break from your usual cycling class, you have a bunch of classes to choose from.

But to be honest, the five reasons above aside, my favourite ting about Peloton is that you can “high five” other Peloton riders during a workout. They could be in Chicago or London, or just around the corner, but they’re sweating through the same class as you. I know it sounds like a small thing, but if you’re pushing yourself up that “hill” and @FitAs1997 in New York high-fives you? Well,  let’s just say it’ll give you the boost you need. Trust me.