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Need some last-minute Christmas stocking stuffers? We’ve got you covered! These five mini fitness presents are perfect for Kris Kringle or for a little something extra under the tree.


1) Kmart Yoga Dice ($4)
Bored with your usual Sun Salutation sequence? Get fit and have fun with this jumbo-sized novelty yoga dice – roll to predict your next move!


2) Eloments Organic Vitamin Teas (from $5.90 for a pack of 14 tea bags)
One of our best finds this year at the Mind Body Spirit Festival – these teas are said to contain over 40% of your daily needs of 9 essential vitamins and minerals to boost your daily nutrient intake by sipping. 100% natural and organic, their tea is sourced from Fairtrade-certified farms and co-ops around the world which ensure farmers are paid well above the average local price (up to 260% more in some regions). We were won over by the yummy flavours like Bourbon Vanilla (a creamy spicy chai) and Egyptian Mint (caffeine-free refreshing mix of peppermint & spearmint). Limited flavours available at your local Woolworths or the full range at


3) Celsius Self-Massage Therapy Cane ($14.99)
No boyfriend? No worries! This kooky-looking self-massage tool helps you reach all those tricky sore spots to treat post-workout stiffness and knots. The nodes give a great trigger point release/deep tissue sports massage for those hard-to-reach muscles in the back, between the shoulder blades and back of the neck. Lightweight and portable, perfect for throwing in your gym bag or to pack when travelling.


4) Wordlock Alphabet Combination Lock (US$8.56 / AU$12.50)
Storing stuff at the gym is a must, but you want to enjoy your sweat sesh stress-free knowing that your goodies are safe right? If you’re like us you’re always forgetting that gym padlock combo, so this new lock is a godsend – it uses words instead of numbers! Choose your dog’s name, your favourite food or anything else easy to remember. A practical gift (in a choice of 5 colours) that will be SO loved by the gym bunny on your Christmas list.


5) Bondi Wash Mini Yoga Mat Spray ($15)
This luxe local range uses aromatic natural ingredients like Australian bush botanicals and essential oils which smell divine, is free from nasties and good for you and the planet. The Tasmanian Pepper and Lavender anti-bacterial spray is the perfect size to chuck in your workout bag or even slip in a pocket on the way to class. Proven in lab tests to effectively kill 99.9% of germs, as well as surface clean and deodorise – you can also use it to freshen up shoes or other sports equipment. Just spritz, stretch and smile!

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