Sydney's coastal walks

Ahhh, a coastal walk. What a way to spend your free time. Walking through lush bushland along a track with the ocean out to the right. Sounds great right? Well, what’s even better is that Sydney has a new route by the water. And it’s not an ‘ugh, I seriously can’t be bothered to do this walk’ vibe. It’s short, fairly easy and a nice way to start or finish of the day.

The track takes you from Malabar headland along the cliff faces and leads you to South Maroubra, where you can end the trip and treat yourself to a well-earned acai bowl in Maroubra. Try Crazy Rays on Marine Parade, or Zebra cafe on McKeon street for some of the best! Or, if you’re feeling extra motivated and want to complete the loop, you can continue onto an uphill track that will eventually lead you back to Pioneers park in Malabar.

If you’re feeling a little lazy and don’t want to do the extra walk back to Malabar, go with a friend. You can both drive to Maroubra, leave one car there and then drive to Malabar to start. That way, you’ll have a car at each end!

Sydney coastal walks

What to expect? Or not?
Guns. Don’t be alarmed, but I’m serious. The route takes you right by the ANZAC Rifle Range, and sometimes the walk will be closed due to the shooting range being open!

Animals. Let’s be real. On your right, picturesque views of the headlands and water. But on your left, well, it’s just bush. Beware of snakes, lizards, spiders and anything else this landscape has to offer!

Getting lost. It’s a fairly straightforward track, and there are even signs to help direct you along the way. But there is one point as you walk towards south Maroubra that is very unclear. The path suddenly splits and there are now two potential ways you could go. Left or right. If you look hard enough, there is a small arrow leading you right, but the left seems like the obvious path. If you do go left, you will end up knee deep in dry bushland (I wish I was joking – I learned this the hard way).

Coastal walks in Sydney

Small ledges. There is no fencing or protection at all to stop you from falling off the cliff. For the majority of the way, you are a fair way away from the edge. But at a few points, there will be narrow pathways right along the cliff face which will be a little alarming. Just watch your step, be careful and you’ll be fine!

An abandoned building. Yes, there is a highly graffitied and spooky building the size of a room on the route. It’s actually kind of cool, but very unexpected! It is around the middle point of the walk that you will discover this lonely building. How it got there, I just don’t know!

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