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Sydney Personal Trainers

We have your stocking fillers sorted for Christmas this year. Combining two of our favourite things, Sydney legends and beautiful rescue dogs, the ‘Hot Guys and Rescue Dogs‘ 2020 calendar is right up our alley! The calendar is the brainchild of Sydney PR queen Brittany Bennett, we sat down with her to find out how it all came about!

Sydney Personal Trainers
So Brit, why did you want to create this calendar?

“Well, a few years ago I had the chance to meet the guys behind Rescue your Fitness in Gosford, which is a no-kill shelter that encourages people to stop by their local pound and take a dog for a walk, then take a pic online and help them get rehomed. So I created the calendar to raise money for them. This year, I am still raising money for them, but I am also giving them and a number of the shelters the calendars so they can sell them for themselves too.  

How did you choose the guys to include in the calendar?
“Well my company Bennett PR is in the fitness/ wellness space so it made sense for me to go with guys in that space too. I did a post on social media and some of the guys wrote to me. Then I invited some people who I work with already. It was a very fun shoot!

Sydney personal trainers

What’s your favourite month?
“Ahahaha I have a BF these days so it would be his month… but I banned him from being in the calendar! And I would never be able to choose my favourite dog! I love them all equally.”

What’s the message that you’d like people to get when they use the calendar?
“That there are amazing rescue dogs out there. Give them a chance. Many of them are well trained, friendly, happy and will make you happy. #adoptdontshop Also if you can’t get a dog for whatever reason, stop by your local pound and take one out for a walk or run with you. It will be a win for both of you. 

Grab yourself a copy of the calendar here for $19.95, plus postage, and make some you know very happy!

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