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What to do in Adelaide

Adelaide has kinda got it all… beaches, coastal treks, parks, wildlife. Not to mention the wineries and Kangaroo Island nearby. So to find out a little more about what Radelaide overs for fitness lovers, like ourselves, we asked our Adelaide-born health writer Sophie Munn for some insider tips.


“We bred superstar trainer Kayla Itsines…we have beautiful beaches on one side, rolling country hills on the other and we host some ripper sunsets. In terms of festivals, you’ll find us staging the lycra for the Tour Down Under, unearthing the craziness during the Fringe, we’re bound to go mad by March and then graze our way through the April tasting season. And among the fabulousity of our festivities is Adelaide’s love of fitness; whether you hit up Jess Trengove’s running track, explore the hills or pull up a chair at a healthy cafe, Adelaide is dressed to impress workout!

What to do in Adelaide

Coastal walks galore 
Unlike regular coastal walks, the 5.1km Hallett Cove to Marino Rocks boardwalk wraps around the cliffs showing off the picturesque ocean and surrounding rocky bays. You’ll clamber down one set of stairs only to find another steep incline, but don’t worry, the view is guaranteed to help soothe any pain!

Mountain treks with waterfalls
Try trekking to the Mt Lofty summit, soak in the view, take your Instagram photo, ensure your friends know you #conqueredlofty and turn around and basically, roll back down. Never underestimate this walk, regulars get tired of the tourists who think this ‘scenic’ walk is no more than just that, and can be #conquered in their crocs. Pick the right day, if the sun is out, and it’s a weekend, the influx of trekkers will mean the walk from your carpark to the start might be just as long as the walk itself. However, the waterfalls, koala spotting, summit view and that tired leg feeling you get when you know you’ve worked hard, sum up why this is in my go-to guide.

Where to eat in Adelaide

Healthy (but tasty) brunches
With a fitting design, spacious terraces and friendly staff, Karma and Crow boast a hip and trendy menu that’s not only healthy but will guarantee an Instagram-worthy photo on the side – and you can still arrive in your active wear. I scour the city for the best avo/poached egg combination and Karma and Crow’s version did not disappoint. And behold the veggie bowl – a very hard option to skip on the menu.

Yoga for fitness lovers
Sure, I wouldn’t roll out my mat outside in the 40-degree heat but I’m willing to roll it out in a nearly 50-degree, sweaty room with ten others. Thanks to Belinda, and her hidden suburban studio, Hot Yoga by Belinda you can enjoy a combination of Pilates and yoga; it’s not too intense and less Zen than most. Classes rival a strength workout; hard enough that you walk out dripping wet, revitalised and rather satisfied for not passing out!

Healthy-ish snack attacks
If you want to really be a local, walk Mt Lofty and retreat to the sweet potato fries at Argo on the Parade. Don’t be surprised if you wait in line behind the group you just followed up the trek. First up Lofty, first in line at Argo – it’s the incentive. But don’t stress about the length of the line, it goes quickly. We love this place because active wear is virtually the dress code.

What to do in Adelaide

Henley Square, Adelaide by @madeleinekate93

Chillax at Sunset
If you’re after a chill day, the beaches during the summer provide those Queensland, laid-back vibes. But sets us apart from our east coast neighours is our unbeatable Adelaide sunsets. Glenelg, or commonly known as ‘The Bay’, is a popular choice, alongside the recently upgraded Henley Beach Square (above).


Images: Laura Vanags Photography