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Local Sydney Teas

Despite our national dominance in the sport of coffee drinking, freshly brewed tea has made a slow and steady resurgence in our cupboards. In fact, just going by Instagram, it seems that all the cool kids are seeking out the latest boutique tea blend to wake up with. So we boiled the kettle and sipped our way to this list of our favourite local tea companies, because supporting local is what it’s all about.

Husk MillThe Husk Mill
This Newtown-based company was founded by two childhood friends who wanted to create a preservative- and caffeine-free tea that was healthy and also tasted good. No mean feat, however The Husk Mill was born when they started researching the amazing health benefits of cacao husks. They now offer tisanes made from cacao husks grown in Australia, in three different flavours. Our pick? Original Tea Blend, 50g, $13. It smells like a creamy dark chocolate and has a lovely vanilla note to it.

LORE Lore Australia
Using 100% native Australian ingredients, Manly-based wellness company Lore Australia has just released a tisane made from Guradji – a local bio-food that indigenous people have used for thousands of years as an aid for healing sickness, cleansing the body and clearing the mind. It tastes like green tea but light and slightly bitter, with a natural sweetness after tone. Our pick: Raw Sundried Gurandji tisane, 40g, $24.95. Interestingly, you can add it to your bath for smooth skin.

Little WildlingLittle Wildling Co.
Created by Sydney personal trainer, health coach and blogger Lee Sutherland, Little Wildling Co. offers 10 blends using organic and wild-grown ingredients. There is an aromatic blend for any occasion, with brews such as ‘I need a moment’, ‘I am a goddess’, ‘Hibernate +Chill’ among our favourites. Our pick? ‘I Work Out’ blend, 100g, $22.95. It’s a non-caffeinated energy boost that smells sweeter than it is and has a real kick to it.

Teresa-CutterTeresa Cutter
Known for her tasty and healthy recipes, chef and author Teresa Cutter has just released a range of organic teas. The nine fragrant teas have ingredients hand-picked from all over the world, and include blends such as ‘Uplifting Zen’, ‘Rose Absolute’ and ‘Gingersnap Chai’. Each one has a sway of health benefits and has been blended with wellness in mind. Our pick? ‘Relax + Renew’, 75g, $38.95. Just one cup 20mins before bed and you’ll sink into a deep sleep.

Matcha-SolMatcha Sol
Hailing from a little further away on the Sunshine Coast, Matcha-Sol was the result of its founder trying to kick a coffee habit. The Japanese-organic certified, 100%-pure green tea turned out to be a worthy alternative as it gives an energy boost without the slump, and helps your digestion and metabolism. Matcha Sol specialises in smooth green tea in powder form. Our pick? Organic Ceremonial Grade Matcha, 40g, $34. The serving size is so small that this tin can make 40 cups!

tea-gardenTea Garden Co
Bringing a whole new service to tea drinkers everywhere, Canberrans Mikhaila and Lauren have just launched a tea subscription service. They have created a range of hand-blended and hand-packed teas under the Tea Garden Co label, and you can choose from a once-off box (boring), to a monthly or quarterly box with a selection of three teas in it. Briliant. Monthly prices start at $32.95 a box. Our pick? These guys will actually customise a tea for you, perfect for someone’s birthday or if you want to drink a blend with your name on it every day.


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