Markets in Sydney

It seems that every recipe these days requires ‘free-range’ this and ‘organic’ that, plus a whole lot of coconut products – who knew so many things could be made out of a coconut! It’s ridiculous. So to avoid spending your weekly salary (and sunshine-y hours) at the mega-supermarket in the mega-mall down the road, save some dosh, support local and get yourself to your closest farmer’s market. Stat. Here are our top choices for a little weekend harvesting.

Camden Fresh Produce Markets, Camden
Saturdays, 7am-12pm
Located in southwest Sydney, Camden Fresh Product Markets are the only markets in Sydney to be hosted on an actual farm (that we know of…). Expect to find fresh veggies, local honey and jam, free-range meat and eggs, and a whole lot more. For anyone who loves Italian food (so… everyone), there’s a stall that sells homemade Italian pasta and sauces that you will obsess over once you try it. These markets mainly offer local produce, but they have great options for a cheeky breakfast and it’d be rude not to try the local sweet pasties.

Shire Farmer’s Market, Sutherland
Saturdays, 8am-1pm
These fairly new Shire Farmer’s Markets are the only dedicated foodie markets in The Shire – and they are pretty damn excellent. There’s lots of fresh veggies and organise meat, but also stalls that sell handmade pizza bases, local seafood, farm-made butter, coffee beans, kombucha and a whole lot more. Come for the food, stay for the petting zoo – that’s basically our Saturday gone!

Thornton Artisan and Farmers Market, Penrith
Third Sunday of the month, 9am-2pm
Penrith, probably not the first place you would think of to visit a great foodie market but Thornton Artisan and Farmers Market is fast becoming one of our favourites. Expect handmade artsy items as well as honey from local bees, fresh organic produce and tasty food like the Filipino BBQ, the smell of which will lead you directly to the market without using google maps. The jewel in the crown is the Hungarian chimney cakes (crispy donut cone filled with soft serve) – the perfect treat after a Sunday morning workout.

Eveleigh Markets, Redfern
Saturday, 8am-1pm
One of Sydney’s most popular farmer’s markets, Eveleigh Markets live up to the hype. Along with the usual fresh produce, they also offer tasting boards and a breakfast menu that includes kale and quinoa muffins (we’re almost in the Inner West, afterall), bacon and egg rolls, triple chocolate brownies and the popular steamed pork buns. Furry friends are welcomed, and look out for the two flower stalls who have great native offerings that aren’t expensive.

Parramatta’s Farmer’s Markets, Parramatta
Fridays, 8am-3pm
Parramatta’s Farmer’s Markets, held in Centenary Square, should be a Friday-staple for everyone – it’s a great place to stock up on homemade bread, organic meat, local honey, jams, pastries and nuts. We recommend going there for lunch because you’ll find a huge range of foodie options. Our choice? It’s a toss up between the Parisian-style crepes and the Spanish paella. Oh, and we guarantee you’ll spend all your money at the succulents and terrarium stall. It’s going to happen. Don’t fight it.

Riverside Market, Gladesville
Saturdays, 8am-1pm
The Riverside Markets in Gladeville are the go-to markets in the area for uber fresh seafood. Locals recommend the prawns, barramundi, salmon and muscles. There’s an oval across the road, so you’ll often see families and young soccer players looking for a quick refuel, and they go straight for the wholefood pastries made from apples or mandarins (depending on the season). We like this market because there’s plenty of on-site parking, plus the odd pony ride or jumping castle.

Marrickville Markets, Marrickville
Sundays 9am-3pm
The Marrickville Markets on Addison Road are known for their food stalls, there’s Vietnamese, Mexican, vegan, German… You’ll find juice stalls, Irish soda bread stalls, organic fruits, buskers, pony rides, and the odd book stall. While there is a line up for a while to get a coffee, there’s a green park to relax in as you eat your bacon and egg roll. Plus, you’ll find the best soy chai tent in the Inner West here.

Frenchs Forest Organic Food Market, Frenchs Forest
Sundays, 9am-1pm
Frenchs Forest Organic Food Market is overflowing with three things – fresh organic food, sizzlingly food stalls and lots of people. As a result, the vibe is lively, especially if it’s a sunny day, and dogs are more than welcome, which makes us happy. You’ll also find clothes, massages, craft-y goodness and the requisite candle stall.

Double Bay Market, Double Bay
Thursdays, 9am-2pm
Think free-range meat, fresh fish, eggs, homemade cheeses and seasonal veggies. Luckily for them, Double Bay Market also provides strong coffee, incredible desserts and some great lunch options (our favourites are the pho, crepes and gozleme). On hot days, you can also find kombucha and frozen fruit ice blocks. Look out for the stall where you can produce your own peanut butter and almond butter.

Bondi Farmer’s Markets, Bondi 
Saturdays, 9am-1pm
It’s hard to beat the location of these Bondi Farmer’s Markets in school grounds just opposite Sydney’s most famous beach. You’ll find the obligatory fresh veggies, cheeses, flowers and herbs and spices, but there is also a great fashion section and stalls that sell crafty/beachy things. There’s usually a busker or two, and a great courtyard full of tasty food stalls for a cheapish lunch. Buy something spicy and take it down to the beach to munch on it. What’s more Sydney than that?

Written by: Daisy Chein


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